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iPhone Gmail hacks are no longer working. Now displays, “This message has been modified to fit your screen.”


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Posted: 22 February 2017 02:22 PM

A while ago, I used this iPhone Gmail app hacks, here, and now the hack doesn’t work since the latest update, which is February 21, 2017. And still unfortunate, the Gmail app hasn’t had support for media queries yet.

After a couple of testing, I found out this hack is not 100% reliable. It works, but if I send another email afterwards, the iPhone Gmail just shows the “This message has been modified to fit your screen…” message. But I do want to stress that our iPhone test device is an iPhone 4 updated to iOS 7, so it could be that continuously sending the same email triggered something that I didn’t catch.


If you rotate the screen device, you will see the message in Landscape mode.

I have my suspicion that the hack no longer 100% reliably works since the update, but I do want to make sure if anyone else is aware of this?