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Help .email marketing- I think my NEW ESP are no good for deliverability


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Posted: 08 February 2017 04:25 PM

Hi everyone I wonder if you can help me . I have set up an account using Pure360 ESP provider, this was in December , 12 weeks ago and I’ve still not used their system as before I send I keep failing my seed list test and going into the spam box for outlook and Gmail .
I have asked for my money back but they keep giving me reasons and re setting me back up, but I’m still failing to get good test deliverability results.

I have spent hours and in the end I sent a plain email, no links and nothing to do with my business and the email still went in the spam box. I asked for my money back and then they came back and said I was on a shared IP and that this was effecting my results. They then set me up on my own IP , but again this still did not get in the inbox. They then came back and said they are just setting up a new server and will move me to this (  I know question if their server had a bad reputation).
I did another test send and this too went in the spam box, however my test results gave me an indication that they had setup the system incorrectly which I believe they should of know what they were doing in the first place !) , they then resolved this.
After 5 different set up ( 6 weeks later ) last night I sent out a test again using my seed list with email on acid and again I still cannot get in the Outlook or Gmail, however nothing is showing that is wrong apart from this message.
Your email contains a URL from listed in the URIBL greylist. This list contains domains found in Unsolicited Bulk Emails. It may include ESPs which allow customers to import their recipient lists and may have no control over the subscription methods.
Could it be this that their own tracking code is being logged by outlook and Gmail ? I’ve done a blacklist check and its all clear?
I would like to point out I know 100% my poor test results are nothing to do with me,
Pure 360 are now saying that it’s because the IP does not have a sending reputation with gmail and outlook and if I start sending eventually I will go in the inbox. This does concern me because as soon as I start sending , I may not be able to get my money back as I’ve effectively used their system

I’m also concerned as if all my emails go into the spam box, how can I even gain a good reputation from the start and wouldn’t this affect my own website reputation?

surly I must be able to send 1 email or even a plain text email , I but I cant even send 1 email out doesn’t get in the inbox!
I’ve checked the IP in sending grid and its got a sending score 99 and was used by Pizzahut ( even though they say its not been used)  .

So my question is am I going into the spam box because there is no history and when I do start sending this will be corrected or could it be their tracking link that is being affected?

Any help in this nightmare would be appreciated as this ha really affected my business

many thanks


Alex Ilhan

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Posted: 09 February 2017 03:43 AM
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Hi Heidi,

Welcome to the Email on Acid forums!

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having these issues. Although deliverability is not my specialist area, I will try to assist you as best I can.

I had a little read up on the URIBL greylist and luckily, I don’t think it’s as bad as could be. The blacklist looks a lot worse!

A few suggestions of what to do, though I would definitely continue to get on Pure360’s case about this;

1) Have you tried sending an email without the tracking pixel? And no links to This could prove to them it’s their issue.
2) Ask Pure360 to warm up your sending IP. If it’s cold, or they’re saying you need to use it a bit, ask them to fix it.

Let me know how that goes and we’ll see where we can go from there.