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Tracking Pixel Creating Extra Spacing in Outlook


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Posted: 01 February 2017 11:38 AM

I’m having an issue with a tracking pixel creating about 20px of extra space between the ad and the bottom border in Outlook 2007-2016. I realize the spacing issue would be fixed if I just move the tracking pixel inside of the table the ad is contained in, but my company’s internal system inserts the pixel afterwards. I’m also using a replacement for the ad so it would be ideal if the fix only involved something within the ad replacement table itself or the tracking pixel, rather than the email template. We have a lot of different templates calling to this piece of ad content. I originally used display: none on the tracking pixel but this created extra space in Yahoo. Changing it to display: block fixed this, but I’m still left with the issue in Outlook. Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated! I’ve attached the code and an EOA preview.

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