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Source of image files in Outlook email


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Posted: 20 January 2017 04:31 PM

I’m creating a newsletter for a corporate client that goes out in Outlook. This is an internal newsletter and contains text and images that should not be seen outside the company. Thus the images embedded in the Outlook html must not reside on any server outside the company firewall. Outlook accomplishes this just fine by keeping the images “in” the email. But I noticed that to create the newsletter on the Editor, I must upload images that will reside on a Drive server. So I have two questions:
1. Should I then upload “fake” images of the same size while designing the email?
2. Where will these images be when I use the resulting code to create the Outlook email template file?


Alex Ilhan

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Posted: 24 January 2017 08:20 AM
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Hi dremlap,

Welcome to the Email on Acid forums!

I believe uploading fake images for sake of designing will be the best approach. We do not currently allow embedded images in the Editor for security purposes, I believe.

I’m a little confused on your second point, sorry, are you asking where your images will be hosted when doing the live send?




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Posted: 24 January 2017 10:12 PM
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Sorry, I did not explain what it is I face.
I will not be sending out emails from Email on Acid. That is not what my customer wants. My customer wants me to give them an Outlook OFT email template that already has all of the text, links, and images in it for their newsletter. I was told by Melinda on the chat that after I create a newsletter in the Editor, I can download some kind of file that I can use to recreate that newsletter in Outlook. I would then save that file as an OFT.
However, I am under an NDA and cannot allow images (or the text for that matter) to be in the wild. That is why I would have to use fake images. The text would be lorem ipsum stuff.
Now here’s the question: What is that file I download from the editor? Will it contain my fake images? Or will it contain placeholders for my real images? Just what is that process?