How to Embed Videos that Are Playable in Yahoo! Mail

This article will show you how you can embed videos that are playable
inside Yahoo! Mail by taking advantage of certain Yahoo! Mail markup
that loads the Yahoo! Mail video player.

If you have a lot of Yahoo! Mail subscribers, this simple technique
might pay off for you!

Yahoo! Mail Now Supports Media Queries

Kudos to Justin Khoo at FreshInbox for starting the petition for Yahoo! to change their parser to support media queries.

Though Yahoo! has remedied the media queries issue, it looks like attribute selectors are still not supported. Is another petition in the works? Maybe. But for now, we’ll break down the changes and what they mean for you.

Could Yahoo! and AOL’s DMARC Policies Destroy Your Deliverability?

Yahoo! and AOL raised some eyebrows when they changed their DMARC Validation in a super aggressive way in an attempt to block email spoofing attacks on and addresses. Their intent was honorable, but this policy change could end up rejecting your email campaigns, even if you’re a legitimate sender!

9 Ways to Prevent Yahoo! Headaches

Yahoo! Mail is a popular web-based email client. Most problems with this client are caused by remnants of Yahoo! Shortcuts. This infuriating feature turned random keywords into advertisement links. We give kudos to Yahoo! for removing it, but it seems to have some lingering aftereffects.

Read on for our top list of need-to-know tips for coding emails for this cranky client.

Yahoo! Plans to Reuse Inactive Email Addresses

Just a quick update for the email marketing folks: Yahoo! is planning to release some email addresses that have been inactive for 1+ years.