Putting a Human Touch on Email Marketing

As marketers, we all know the incredibly important role automation plays
in our daily lives. However, the more we use it, the more our clients
crave human contact. And believe me, there’s no fooling them; they can
spot corporate-speak in automated emails from a mile away.

If you
really want to stand out, you have to speak to them as you would a
friend — in a warm and friendly voice.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mobile Email Design

Not only is mobile here to stay, it’s on the rise.

If you’re not optimizing your email campaigns for mobile, you’re missing out on a BIG chunk of change.

Techniques for Excellent Emails in

Since Microsoft migrated all of their users from the old Hotmail platform, has grown by leaps and bounds. However, this tricky client is still giving everybody a run for their money.

Check out our list of must-know tips for

Best Email Development Tricks and Hacks

Over the last year (or so), I’ve seen some pretty incredible tricks and
hacks covered on blogs in the email development community.

Here are a
few that I found particularly useful or groundbreaking, as well as a few
from Email on Acid that I think you might find helpful.

5 Easy Tips for Mobile Optimization

With mobile opens on the rise, responsive design is more important
than ever. With a minimal amount of
effort, you can make your campaigns more effective and enjoyable for
mobile users.

Read on for five ways to polish your template or email.

9 Ways to Prevent Yahoo! Headaches

Yahoo! Mail is a popular web-based email client. Most problems with this client are caused by remnants of Yahoo! Shortcuts. This infuriating feature turned random keywords into advertisement links. We give kudos to Yahoo! for removing it, but it seems to have some lingering aftereffects.

Read on for our top list of need-to-know tips for coding emails for this cranky client.

7 Time-Saving Tricks for Lotus Notes 6.5, 7, 8 and 8.5

We know how difficult it can be coding for this client, but it might not be as old as you think. Though some call it a dinosaur, Lotus Notes 6.5 came out in 2003, with a new version every couple of years after that.

The real problem with Lotus Notes isn’t its age; it’s the quirky rendering delivered by this client. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Check out our handy list of pain points and make your Lotus Notes coding stress-free.