New Feature

The New iPhone’s Peek Feature: Design Considerations, Analytics, Animated Gif Support and More

While some call the new iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch a gimmick, others
feel like it brings a whole new level of interaction with their devices. Either way,
3D Touch and Peek create a potential challenge for email marketers.

Getting Started: Creating an Email Test

Our self-serve email testing platform lets you test your email in a jiffy, giving you an EXACT representation of your email by taking real screen captures.

If you are just getting started with email testing, find out how the auto process method can get you the most ACCURATE testing results!

Email Preview Notifications – Get Your Email Results Without Logging in!

We’ve added a new notification option to our testing suite.

This means you can start a test without ever logging in, and results will automatically be delivered to your email address!

Introducing Instant Testing with Auto-Process. Just Hit Send!

We recently streamlined the testing process with another new feature: Auto-process.

Now all you have to do is send your test email to your account’s unique ‘auto-process address.’ Once we receive it, we process your test automatically and you can find your results on your dashboard.

Introducing 8 NEW Email Client Combinations for the Mac OS

Hey Mac fans! We know we haven’t given you quite as much love as the Windows kids out there, but now we’re going to offer Mac previews alongside the Windows ones. Go ahead, print your first one out and put it next to your framed picture of Steve Jobs. You’re in the in-crowd now.