List Building

7 Killer Tactics to Grow your Email List through Social Media

Even though the number of active users on social media is constantly on the rise, 77% of consumers still prefer to receive permission-based marketing through email! All too often, though, social media newbies make the marketing faux pas of failing to capture the email addresses of their fans, followers and potential prospects.

Avoid this marketing hiccup by grabbing our 7 remarkable techniques to grow your email list through social media. Enjoy!

Open Rate Optimization: Why List Segmentation Matters

With over 100 billion emails sent and received per day, how do you stack the odds in your favor that your subscribers open your email? The answer is simple: make your content RELEVANT to them. Find out what makes your subscribers tick. Unfortunately for you, you probably have more than one target customer on your list of subscribers. So how do you speak to all these customers at once by making sure your message is personally relevant to every single one of them? Than answer is… YOU DON’T! That is where list segmentation comes in.

Open Rate Optimization: Building a Quality Email List

The bigger your subscriber list is, the better, right? Wrong! While it is advantageous to have a large list of subscribers, it is important to know quality trumps quantity every day of the week when it comes to your subscriber size. That is why we created an marketing guide with tips to optimize open rates by focusing on how to build a quality list. Enjoy!