Interactive Email

How to Make an Interactive Email with Click-to-Reveal Code

We’ve previously discussed how to incorporate AR into email and wanted to touch on other ways you can add interactive email elements to enhance your campaign without adding too much weight. With this simple click-to-reveal method we’ll go over, you can easily implement a bit of suspense and user activity into any campaign. Using CSS … Continue reading “How to Make an Interactive Email with Click-to-Reveal Code”

How to Create Interactive Hotspots in Email

Do you want to add detail to an image, share some information, or have another crazy idea that involves using an interactive hotspot in email? This guide should help you get the basics into your HTML and CSS, so only your imagination will hold you back! Email Client Support To enable hotspots in your email … Continue reading “How to Create Interactive Hotspots in Email”

5 New Ways to Use Interactive Email Elements

If you’ve been to any recent email conference or summit, then you’re probably aware that interactive elements are some of the hottest email design trends. Not only do they entertain recipients, but they can also increase click-to-open rates and drive more conversions. With the popularity of interactive email elements, it’s becoming more important to use … Continue reading “5 New Ways to Use Interactive Email Elements”

The Future of Email [Facebook Live Recap]

What does the future of email look like? Well, it looks a lot like interactive emails, additional GDPR-like regulations, and perhaps – gasp ­– a world without spam. Email on Acid CEO John Thies recently hopped on Facebook Live to chat about the future of email, including some exciting developments in the industry and his … Continue reading “The Future of Email [Facebook Live Recap]”

How We Created Our Interactive Scrolling Halloween Email

We sent a scrolling Halloween email featuring a person on a journey to deliver an email. This article goes into the nuts and bolts of creating this email. 

AMP for Email: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Interactive Email Effort

Google has announced plans to expand its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project to email. Learn what AMP for Email is and how it works. 

How to Build an Interactive Magic 8 Ball for Email

This article covers a technique to implement an interactive Magic 8 Ball using only CSS. 

Super Mail Quest: An Interview With Designer and Developer Aaron Simmonds

We sat down with the creator of Super Mail Quest, Aaron Simmonds, to learn about what inspired this idea and some of the challenges involved in creating an interactive email project. 

Webinar Recap: Making the Case for Interactive Email: What’s Possible, Beautiful, and Relevant

We recently hosted a webinar all about interactive email; Making the Case for Interactive Email: What’s Possible, Beautiful, and Relevant. Watch the recording and get the slides here. 

Filmstrip+ Interactive Email Technique: Adding Support For More Email Clients

The filmstrip plus technique builds upon the filmstrip interactive email technique to add interactivity support to the Apple Mail and Outlook for Mac clients. 

Introducing the Filmstrip Interactive Email Technique

The filmstrip technique simplifies the creation of interactive email in addition to bringing interactive email to the Gmail app.

How to Build an Interactive Quiz in Email

Learn how you can build interactive games, carousels and product filters in email using an interactive quiz technique. 

How to Restart CSS Animations in Email Using The :active Pseudo-class

Sometimes it is difficult to decide if you should let your CSS animations loop or only execute once. Here is a technique that lets the recipient of your email replay animations on demand. 

Holiday Interactive Email Campaigns

Whether they be to engage or delight recipients or to show their creative chops, here are some really cool campaigns that leverage interactivity and advanced CSS animations that we came across the past holiday season. 

Minesweeper Interactive Email: Interview with Camille and miah from table tr td

An interactive email created by Camille and miah from table tr td featuring the iconic Minesweeper PC game recently caught our eyes. We decided to reach out and ask them their inspiration for the email and get their thoughts on interactive campaigns.

[Code Tutorial] How to build an Interactive Puzzle in Email

We built an interactive word puzzle email to feature our December promotion. Learn all the CSS tricks we used to make this email interactive and engaging in the inbox.

Using Interactive Email to Highlight Content

See how we created our recent interactive email, including the decisions we made, code for the interactive sections and how we handled fallbacks. 

The Limitations of Interactivity and the Importance of Testing

How do I check that my interactive elements are rendering correctly? What happens if I open this email on Outlook? Does interactivity impact load time? 

In this post, Rebelmail will explore testing best practices and the functional limitations of interactivity.