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Top Email Testing Tools to Preview Your Email

Whether you’re part of a large marketing team or a freelance email developer, email testing should be an important part of your workflow. It can save you the embarrassment, brand repercussions and lost ROI of a broken email. Now that we’ve established how important testing is – which email testing tool is right for you? … Continue reading “Top Email Testing Tools to Preview Your Email”

Convert Special Characters to HTML Entities [Free Tool]

Coding special characters for HTML emails is one of the trickiest bits of email development. Each special character has a corresponding HTML entity; for example, the Chinese character “漢” has an HTML entity value of “漢“. This means developers often spend time looking up and memorizing code for each special character. It’s not easy! That’s … Continue reading “Convert Special Characters to HTML Entities [Free Tool]”

Image Map Support in HTML Email

Image maps are images that contain areas that map to distinct links. Surprisingly support for image maps are pretty good in email clients. 

Why Forwarding Emails is So Bad

When testing emails, forwarding can be the bane of a designer’s existence.

Perhaps the email you so carefully coded is being forwarded around the office for ‘quality assurance.’ Now you’re hearing about all of the broken buttons and unstyled links.

Can I Add Google Fonts to My Email Design Toolbox Yet?

Google Fonts makes integrating new typography a total cake-walk!

But is it safe for email yet?

Stop Hotmail from Replacing Your Special Characters

One of our members posted in our forum about how Hotmail was replacing their HTML Copyright, Registration and Trademark symbols with an image, despite trying multiple types of character encoding.

After doing a little research, it seems that additional users are experiencing the same issue, based on this thread on Microsoft’s Hotmail forum.

We have confirmed that this new phenomenon occurs in all browsers and that it is exclusive to Hotmail. Here are some of the characters that get converted: ® (®), ™ (™), ©(©), ♠ (♠), ♣ (♣), ♦ (♦) ♥ (♥).

After some brainstorming and additional research, Miki has found a fix that’s pretty short and sweet.

45 Reasons Why HTML Email Optimization Should Be a Priority

With a lack of standards for rendering HTML & CSS within the various email clients, email development can sometimes be difficult*.
(* Colossal understatement…)

Even with the use of an email boilerplate, tips, and tricks, it can be rough on any developer to try to account for the many combinations of DOCTYPEs, HTML elements, and CSS properties that make up your email’s foundation.

So, what’s an email marketer to do?