Google Analytics

Webinar Recap: A Deep Dive Into Email QA

We recently held a Campaign Precheck deep dive, featuring some insights around email QA from our visionary leader, John Thies. In this webinar, John went through all the steps of the Campaign Precheck workflow, from Preheader Text to Spell Check. It was great to have so many of you join to see what email QA … Continue reading “Webinar Recap: A Deep Dive Into Email QA”

What Are UTM Parameters and How Do I Use them with Email?

There are plenty of metrics you can use to track how subscribers interact with your email campaigns: open rates, click-through rates and engagement (read, skim, delete) are a few that usually top the list. But what about measuring what happens after a subscriber clicks your email and lands on your website or landing page? That’s … Continue reading “What Are UTM Parameters and How Do I Use them with Email?”

Tracking Your Customer’s Journey with EOA and Google Analytics

Email on Acid’s advanced analytics integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics so you can monitor the entire customer journey, from their inbox to your shopping cart.

Learn how to activate Google Analytics tracking within your Email on Acid analytics campaigns, as well as how to understand your email traffic post-click with Google Analytics.