Favorite Email Roundup: March 2019

Now that newer versions of Outlook are starting to play nice with GIFs, it seems like brands are adding GIFs to email campaigns everywhere. And they’re popping up in more than just hero images. So, this month, we’re getting GIFy with it and dedicating our roundup to some animated emails that recently landed in our … Continue reading “Favorite Email Roundup: March 2019”

New Ideas for Using Animated GIFs in Email

Adding a bit of movement into an email can bring the message to life and elevate your email marketing. As these five brands have shown us, GIF hero image designs wow the recipient into checking out what an email has to offer. But there are some other ways a GIF can enhance an email. In … Continue reading “New Ideas for Using Animated GIFs in Email”

GIFs and Outlook: What Can We Do?

This post was updated on February 8, 2019 with information about GIF capabilities in Outlook. Read more. So, you want to use a GIF in your next email marketing campaign? Nice! GIFs are an easy way of adding something fun to your campaigns. You know your target audience, you have your email developed, and now you … Continue reading “GIFs and Outlook: What Can We Do?”