Email List Growth

Spring Cleaning Part I: Growing an Organic Email List

Spring has sprung. Though you may already be planning to sweep out your garage, now is a good time to give your email list a thorough cleaning, too. But first things first. Before we dig into the nitty-gritty details of cleaning and maintaining your email list, let’s talk about how to build a clean list from the start.

How to Use Email for Growth Marketing

As email marketers, we’re always trying to reach new heights: more conversion, healthier subscriber lists, greater reach, more emails landing in the inbox instead of spam, you know the drill. When a marketing team’s goal is to grow, terms like “growth marketing” can feel confusing. What is it and how is it different than regular … Continue reading “How to Use Email for Growth Marketing”

How to Get Your Email List Ready for the Holiday Season

While getting ready for the holiday sales season, ecommerce businesses often focus only on what they see as the most critical activities. They make sure they don’t run out of stock, that their products are delivered on time, and that their offer is better than what their competitors can come up with. While making these … Continue reading “How to Get Your Email List Ready for the Holiday Season”