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5 Emails We’ve Loved in April – The Coronavirus Pivot

I could start this blog by saying, “We’re living in unprecedented times……” but that’s not how we roll here! Instead, let’s take a look at how brands and marketers are creating some great email messaging in the face of a global pandemic. The best email marketing  I’ve seen in my inbox comes from to brands … Continue reading “5 Emails We’ve Loved in April – The Coronavirus Pivot”

Email Marketing Examples in the Time of COVID-19

The Good, the Bad, and the Unsubscribes The last few weeks have been intense. Many of us have taken to our homes, figuring out how to work (and live) remotely. The news is bad…and painful…and scary. Our friends and family are constantly in our thoughts, as are our fellow humans around the world who are … Continue reading “Email Marketing Examples in the Time of COVID-19”

And Now, for Some Laughter: Our Favorite Funny Email Examples

“Laughter is the best medicine.” No one knows who first said it in that form, but variations of the idea go back hundreds or thousands of years. And while a good laugh can’t cure serious illness, medical research does show it has some health benefits. We can all use some stress relief right now, and … Continue reading “And Now, for Some Laughter: Our Favorite Funny Email Examples”

The Best of Black Friday: Emails, Subject Lines and Subscriber Sign-ups

Black Friday is one of those holidays that applies to just about every brand and therefore just about every email marketer. We see all kinds of Black Friday campaigns in our inboxes, taking mental notes for our own holiday messages that we’ll create. Not to mention, more brands are finding clever ways to drive subscriber … Continue reading “The Best of Black Friday: Emails, Subject Lines and Subscriber Sign-ups”

Seasonal Email and Subject Line Inspiration for Fall

Fall marks the beginning of a quarter-long marketing push for many brands. The holidays are just around the corner and it’s prime time to start spreading a little seasonal love to subscribers before the onslaught of holiday promotions and specials. We’ve seen a plethora of fall and Halloween-themed emails come across our inboxes over the … Continue reading “Seasonal Email and Subject Line Inspiration for Fall”

Creative Email Inspiration Using HTML Tricks

Okay, by now we all know how important it is to test an email before you send it out. Not only does email testing help protect your brand’s reputation among subscribers (and spam filters), but it’s also a chance to push your creative boundaries. For this month’s dose of creative email inspiration, we wanted to … Continue reading “Creative Email Inspiration Using HTML Tricks”

Favorite Email Roundup: May 2019

This month, our blog has seen some pretty big updates around email development and strategy: coding HTML email background images, media queries CSS and optimizing inbox display are just a few that were covered. The email inspiration coming up follows suit. With our sights set on pushing the development envelope, we couldn’t help but notice … Continue reading “Favorite Email Roundup: May 2019”

Favorite Email Roundup: April 2019

We’ve covered a lot of ground this month. From using interactive elements to increasing deliverability rates and optimizing preview text, there’s a lot that goes in to sending one good-looking email. In this month’s roundup of email marketing inspiration, the following emails sparked an abundance of joy (to quote Marie Kondo). Magic Touch (BBC) Interactive … Continue reading “Favorite Email Roundup: April 2019”

Favorite Email Roundup: February 2019

February: The month of love, flowers, and Valentine’s Day emails from every brand and newsletter you subscribe to. We sure saw a lot of 😍, 💖 and 💐 in our inboxes. As we look back on our favorite emails from the last month, we had a couple of lovey-dovey emails make the list. But don’t … Continue reading “Favorite Email Roundup: February 2019”

Email Marketing Inspiration from Casper, Grammarly, Evernote and More

Okay, we’ll admit it, we kind of forgot about this month’s round-up of email design inspiration. Truthfully, we’ve been busy with some exciting new developments at Email on Acid, and it slipped our mind. Then, the first week of the month rolled by faster than you could say, “product launch email.” Stop making excuses. Time … Continue reading “Email Marketing Inspiration from Casper, Grammarly, Evernote and More”

Email Marketing Inspiration: December 2018

It’s January, and that means email marketers everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief as the holiday campaigns have ended. Phew. Of course, there’s no rest for the weary – January is a time to reflect and tally successes and failures from the year gone by. Then, the focus shifts quickly to new strategies and … Continue reading “Email Marketing Inspiration: December 2018”

Email Marketing Inspiration: August 2018

Ah, the sunny days of summer are starting to wind down and with them, summer email marketing campaigns. Who’s ready for autumn? Last month, we saw plenty of emails that were saying goodbye to the season and getting us excited for changing trees and snowy mountains. Others, though, were clinging on to the sunshine and … Continue reading “Email Marketing Inspiration: August 2018”

Email Marketing Inspiration: July 2018

Was anyone else’s inbox overloaded with “Christmas in July” emails last month? It felt like every retail email campaign hopped on that bandwagon. With that in mind, we wanted to give props to a few emails that didn’t focus on that odd, summertime holiday. We’ve compiled them here for our latest installment of email marketing … Continue reading “Email Marketing Inspiration: July 2018”

What Makes an Award-Winning Email Design?

Earlier this year, more than 200 entrants competed in The Best Email Design Hunt 2017, a contest organized by EmailMonks and sponsored by Email on Acid. With the winner crowned and celebrations over, we sat down with Sarah Magnone, graphic designer and member of the winning email team from Tough Mudder, to talk email inspiration, … Continue reading “What Makes an Award-Winning Email Design?”

Version 5.0 Teaser: Email Inspiration Tool

The unveiling of Email on Acid 5.0 is nigh! We’ve already given you a sneak peek into our new UI/UX, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cutting-edge features we’re rolling out.

Check out our Email Inspiration tool that will keep you a step ahead of your competition and give you endless ideas for your emails.