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Don’t Be Fooled by These 8 Email Marketing Myths

With over 347 new blog posts created each minute, it’s hard to sift through every article to find out which posts are based on facts, and which are based on fiction. That’s why we decided to uncover 8 email marketing myths circulating around the web and prove why they’re totally unfounded.

Deliverability FAQs: How to Land in More Inboxes

Aside from crafting the perfect subject line and an irresistible CTA, an email marketer’s biggest challenge is how to address email deliverability issues. Email client spam filters and blacklists are to email marketers what roller coaster height requirements are to 8-year olds: a royal nuisance. Appeasing spam filters and avoiding blacklists isn’t always an easy-peasy … Continue reading “Deliverability FAQs: How to Land in More Inboxes”

The Secret to Deliverability: Tips from Privacy Expert Chris Arrendale

In our recent email marketing deliverability webinar with Trendline Interactive’s Chief Privacy Officer, Chris Arrendale, he shed some light on what it means to have good deliverability. Watch the Webinar One of the biggest hurdles email marketers face isn’t just motivating an open or making sure every CTA works perfectly. Rather, it’s how to make … Continue reading “The Secret to Deliverability: Tips from Privacy Expert Chris Arrendale”

The Value of an Email Testing Service for Enterprise Brands

This isn’t just your mom & pop shop’s email testing service. This is enterprise email testing for marketing teams. Email on Acid is a complete email content checking and testing platform that inspects and polishes every inch of email before deployment. The Purpose of an Email Testing Service Email testing platforms exist so that email … Continue reading “The Value of an Email Testing Service for Enterprise Brands”

BIMI: The Latest in Email Authentication

Brand Indicators for Message Identification, known to its friends as BIMI, is the latest and greatest in email authentication. What is BIMI? BIMI is a new method of brand identification and email authentication. Why does it matter? Because it’s the first email identification method that is visible to the end user. Since email’s existence, we’ve … Continue reading “BIMI: The Latest in Email Authentication”

5 Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Email Deliverability

In collaboration with Campaign Monitor Email deliverability is often an afterthought for email marketers because it seems out of their control. How can you possibly increase the percentage of email that hits an inbox? While email deliverability may seem detailed and tough to tackle, there are a few trustworthy methods you can implement to ensure … Continue reading “5 Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Email Deliverability”

Is 100% Email Deliverability Possible?

As email marketers, we’re always striving to improve our email deliverability. It’s one of those constant worries gnawing at us – will my message reach the inbox?   Recently, we were chatting deliverability on social media and came across an interesting question: “Can I achieve 100% deliverability?” This query left us scratching our heads. So, … Continue reading “Is 100% Email Deliverability Possible?”

How Inbox Pros Used Email Testing to Improve Clients’ Email Deliverability and ROI

Email marketers know that email testing can be a crucial part of brand reputation, but did you know email testing is also an important factor in email deliverability? The experts at Inbox Pros know this all too well. “We needed a system that would help us review how [clients’] emails were rendering, so we could … Continue reading “How Inbox Pros Used Email Testing to Improve Clients’ Email Deliverability and ROI”

Countries of the 2018 World Cup: How Do Their Email Laws Compare?

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is upon us. The soccer tournament, held every four years, pits the best teams in the world against each other. The international event also offers email marketers a chance to cash in with engaged audiences worldwide. In celebration of the tournament, we thought it would be fun to look at … Continue reading “Countries of the 2018 World Cup: How Do Their Email Laws Compare?”

DKIM: Everything You Need to Know About Digital Signatures

Do you have questions about what DKIM is and how it works? Get the inside scoop on your sender’s digital signature and what it means for your campaign’s deliverability.

How Email Spam Tests Work and What You Can Do to Pass Them

is an email spam test? Learn a few tips and tricks on how to test your email
and improve deliverability. 

Reduce Send Anxiety: Deliverability Tips from Return Path (formerly Email Copilot)

When over 500 people registered for our Reducing Send Button Anxiety webinar, we realized we might have hit a nerve. In this post, Email Copilot walks through some tips to increase your deliverability. Bonus: Access to the webinar recording and a checklist download.

Reducing Send Anxiety Webinar with Email Copilot

Holiday emails are likely the most important-and most anxiety
producing-emails you’ll send all year. What can you do to reduce that
anxiety and know that your email is going to both look good and make it
to the inbox? Join us on October 8 at 1 p.m. EST to find out!

Spring Cleaning Part 2: Maintaining Your Email List

Once you have a solid email list of subscribers (developed through the techniques we describe in Spring Cleaning Part 1), it’s important to maintain it. According to Marketing Sherpa, a corporate email list has an average annual decay of 25%.

By saying goodbye to old addresses on your email list, you’ll improve your metrics and, in turn, your sender reputation and inbox placement. Read on to discover how to nurture your list for optimal deliverability and marketing success.

Spring Cleaning Part I: Growing an Organic Email List

Spring has sprung. Though you may already be planning to sweep out your garage, now is a good time to give your email list a thorough cleaning, too. But first things first. Before we dig into the nitty-gritty details of cleaning and maintaining your email list, let’s talk about how to build a clean list from the start.

Does Text to Image Ratio Affect Deliverability?

A best practice floating around the emailsphere is that marketers should have a 60/40 text to image ratio in their email file. So why should we email marketers and designers give a hoot about finding the perfect balance with our text and images? Because it’s all about the deliverability, baby!

Read on to see what we discovered!

How does email file size affect deliverability?

One critical aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to email deliverability is the size of your email itself.

We found a lot of different numbers being advised for the max email file size before it negatively affects your inbox placement. We did some testing of our own to find the ‘perfect’ weight for your email. Read on to explore our findings.

Could Yahoo! and AOL’s DMARC Policies Destroy Your Deliverability?

Yahoo! and AOL raised some eyebrows when they changed their DMARC Validation in a super aggressive way in an attempt to block email spoofing attacks on and addresses. Their intent was honorable, but this policy change could end up rejecting your email campaigns, even if you’re a legitimate sender!