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Accessibility and Dark Mode: The Latest Buzz Words

Here at Email on Acid I’ve been hearing the words Dark Mode a lot lately. And Accessibility is an important issue for our CEO John Thies, so when he asked me to see if it’s possible to change the colors of an email using code when it renders in Dark Mode—and have it stay accessible—I … Continue reading “Accessibility and Dark Mode: The Latest Buzz Words”

Why Splicing Emails is a Marketing No-no

Email splicing refers to creating image-only emails. You know the kind we mean. The ones that, if you’re looking at them in Outlook, show nothing except the small image icons because all of the images (and therefore content and messaging) are blocked by default. Yes, on any other (well, most) email client these emails can … Continue reading “Why Splicing Emails is a Marketing No-no”

Accessibility Standards in Email Marketing for 2019-2020

There’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the email world. We’re bombarded from all sides with new tech and interactive ways to engage subscribers. One topic we’re especially excited about is accessibility standards in email. With over a billion visually-impaired people worldwide, it is more important than ever to create messages that every subscriber … Continue reading “Accessibility Standards in Email Marketing for 2019-2020”

The ROI of Good Email Etiquette

This post was updated on July 15, 2019. It was originally published in September, 2016. Manners matter in email. The evolution of email marketing includes consumer protection laws (such as an unsubscribe button) as well as industry standards of email etiquette. Good email etiquette has three primary traits: Transparent Authentic (not spammy) Accessible When your … Continue reading “The ROI of Good Email Etiquette”

Maximize Your Memorial Day Email Marketing ROI with These Features

As marketers, there are specific times of year when we are conditioned to pull out all the stops for the sake of our brands. Normal people call these holidays. Marketers think of them as opportunities. As Memorial Day quickly approaches and email marketers everywhere prepare their messaging, now is the perfect time to make good … Continue reading “Maximize Your Memorial Day Email Marketing ROI with These Features”

Looking at Email Accessibility Standards by Industry

In 2019, our world seems hyper-connected with communication tools and the internet always at our fingertips. But for many people with disabilities, staying connected isn’t always easy, and some activities, like reading emails or browsing the web, can require extra time or added technology. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2017 there were more … Continue reading “Looking at Email Accessibility Standards by Industry”

Email Accessibility Best Practices

Accessibility is a topic that is often swept under the rug in the email world. 

In this post, we break down why accessibility is important, how to implement some quick accessibility wins, and break down the ARIA HTML spec.

Why Email Colors Matter

When designing an email or an email template, how often do you consider the colors you’re using? If it’s a special email – like a holiday send – maybe you’ll switch it up from the norm. But, more often than not, you probably stick to a brand color palate to keep your messages consistent. Although … Continue reading “Why Email Colors Matter”

Why Should I Set My Table Role As ‘Presentation’?

There are many pieces to an accessible email, with each piece coming together to create a message that is easy to read and understand for every subscriber. Of all the accessible checks you should do on your email, though, there is one that will arguably make the biggest difference for subscribers with vision problems: adjusting … Continue reading “Why Should I Set My Table Role As ‘Presentation’?”

9 Steps You Must Take to Create an Accessible Email

Email accessibility: Is it something your email marketing team considers when crafting a new campaign or email template? In October 2018, the World Health Organization calculated that approximately 1.3 billion people worldwide live with a visual impairment. That’s a lot of potential email subscribers, if you think about it. There are also countless people facing … Continue reading “9 Steps You Must Take to Create an Accessible Email”

The Future of Email [Facebook Live Recap]

What does the future of email look like? Well, it looks a lot like interactive emails, additional GDPR-like regulations, and perhaps – gasp ­– a world without spam. Email on Acid CEO John Thies recently hopped on Facebook Live to chat about the future of email, including some exciting developments in the industry and his … Continue reading “The Future of Email [Facebook Live Recap]”

The Evolution of Email: Predictions for the Future

By John Thies We’ve seen a drastic change in email capabilities over the past couple of years. It’s been fascinating to watch. There’s dynamic content, improved segmentation, artificial intelligence (AI), email interactivity and ESPs and CRMs are becoming better integrated. All these developments are allowing email marketers to send more personalized, dynamic emails. But where … Continue reading “The Evolution of Email: Predictions for the Future”

Email Accessibility: How to Captivate and Connect with Every Subscriber [Webinar]

Email accessibility: It’s not the sexiest email topic to talk about, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Roughly 330 million people worldwide live with a visual impairment, which amounts to more than five percent of the world’s population. Now, think about how many of those people are opening emails every day – are … Continue reading “Email Accessibility: How to Captivate and Connect with Every Subscriber [Webinar]”

Developing Email Content for Subscribers with ADHD

Learn why it’s important to consider ADHD when developing email and how you can create content that is ADHD-friendly. 

Accessibility in Email Webinar Recap

We recently hosted a webinar all about Accessibility in Email. Watch the recording here.