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It’s Our Time to Give Back

These are unprecedented times, something we have not seen in our generation. COVID-19 is impacting everyone from our loved ones and businesses, to the first responders who are bravely helping to fight this pandemic.   Our thoughts are with those that have been impacted by this outbreak, especially those that are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery.  As the situation continues to affect the world around us, I wanted to provide an update on how Email … Continue reading “It’s Our Time to Give Back”

Meet Our Plutonium-Powered Email Workflow

Welcome to the plutonium-powered future of your email testing workflow. Late last year we introduced Campaign Precheck to the industry. Then earlier this year we added deliverability and spam tests so users can seamlessly ensure emails will reach subscribers’ inboxes. And now… we are humbled and thrilled to unveil an even more robust Campaign Precheck … Continue reading “Meet Our Plutonium-Powered Email Workflow”

The Difference Between Screen Captures in Live vs. Emulated Email Testing

To date, there are two different methods for generating a preview of an HTML email in the most popular email clients. Each solution comes with its own set of challenges and limitations. In this article, we’ll watch as the Tortoise and the Hare battle it out to see which strategy wins the race.

Push Creative Boundaries with Unlimited Live Email Tests

There are times when it’s best to play a situation safe: double checking you have your ID before you leave for the airport, driving on the correct side of the road, testing every email before you hit send, the basics. And then there are times when an email marketer should take risks, like trying out … Continue reading “Push Creative Boundaries with Unlimited Live Email Tests”

The Value of an Email Testing Service for Enterprise Brands

This isn’t just your mom & pop shop’s email testing service. This is enterprise email testing for marketing teams. Email on Acid is a complete email content checking and testing platform that inspects and polishes every inch of email before deployment. The Purpose of an Email Testing Service Email testing platforms exist so that email … Continue reading “The Value of an Email Testing Service for Enterprise Brands”

The Delicate Art of the Apology Email

“I can’t wait for the day when I send my first apology email!” said no email marketer ever. An apology email isn’t the best message to have to send, but it certainly doesn’t have to be the worst. The good news is, there are plenty of tools to help you avoid ever having to send … Continue reading “The Delicate Art of the Apology Email”

Webinar Recap: What Email Previews Don’t Tell You

Email previews are an essential step of any email review process before deployment. We never send an email ourselves without running a final email test and sharing those previews to team members. But those handy screenshots don’t always give you the whole story of your email’s content health. When You Bee-Line for the Previews Your … Continue reading “Webinar Recap: What Email Previews Don’t Tell You”

The ROI of Good Email Etiquette

This post was updated on July 15, 2019. It was originally published in September, 2016. Manners matter in email. The evolution of email marketing includes consumer protection laws (such as an unsubscribe button) as well as industry standards of email etiquette. Good email etiquette has three primary traits: Transparent Authentic (not spammy) Accessible When your … Continue reading “The ROI of Good Email Etiquette”

Mark-Up Tool: Collaborate Seamlessly on Email QA

Email QA and testing can take a village. When you’re trying to deploy emails in a timely manner, you need tools that will help you find and fix mistakes on the fly while keeping your whole team in the loop. With Email on Acid’s Mark-Up tool, you can share your email test results with your … Continue reading “Mark-Up Tool: Collaborate Seamlessly on Email QA”

The Benefits of a True White Label Email Preview Integration

Email is a crucial piece to the digital marketing puzzle. For growth marketing platforms like Iterable, this means email tools need to be robust and easy to use. These resources ultimately help users send better messages and improve their digital marketing ROI. But most marketing platforms can’t produce every tool their customers need. In some … Continue reading “The Benefits of a True White Label Email Preview Integration”

7 Tips for Email Template Success

Email templates. They’re a lifesaver, right? They can save you loads of time while also keeping your branding familiar and consistent. But, as many of us have learned along the way, email templates aren’t fool-proof. There are loads of things that can throw off a once-beautiful template: New images or GIFs, content flow, and videos, … Continue reading “7 Tips for Email Template Success”

How Do I Set Up a Custom Email Testing Profile?

You’ve probably heard us talk about how we offer email previews in more than 70 email clients and devices. It’s true – we’re proud of that number. But when it comes down to it, do you need to preview every email in every client? The reality is – no, probably not. If you’re leveraging your … Continue reading “How Do I Set Up a Custom Email Testing Profile?”

The Cost of Not Testing an Email

Email testing isn’t cheap. In fact, we’ve talked before about why email preview software can be so pricey. As email marketing teams consider new services to add to their toolkit, it’s important to think about which platforms are worth your investment. In this post, we’ll break down the value of email testing services, including the … Continue reading “The Cost of Not Testing an Email”

How Email QA Has Helped an Email Agency Grow its Business

Any email marketer will tell you that as an agency grows, there’s more demand to produce a flawless product. Growth usually translates to bigger clients, and bigger clients mean increased visibility and more pressure to maintain your agency’s reputation. This is precisely what has happened with MailNinja, a U.K.-based email agency. “We’ve grown in size … Continue reading “How Email QA Has Helped an Email Agency Grow its Business”

Which Email Professionals Should Purchase an Email on Acid Subscription?

Email marketing teams come in all sizes and styles. There are big teams, small teams, B2B and B2C, some that include veteran developers and others that outsource coding to freelancers. And while we would love to be able to help make everyone’s email life a little easier, we recognize that Email on Acid’s email testing … Continue reading “Which Email Professionals Should Purchase an Email on Acid Subscription?”

How to Use Email on Acid with Your Email Service Provider (ESP)

Whether it’s on social media, at a conference, or through our support channels, one of the most common questions we hear is: Is Email on Acid an email service provider (ESP)? The short answer is: No. The slightly longer answer? We’re an email testing platform, which means we help you QA your email code and … Continue reading “How to Use Email on Acid with Your Email Service Provider (ESP)”

Top Email Testing Tools to Preview Your Email

Whether you’re part of a large marketing team or a freelance email developer, email testing should be an important part of your workflow. It can save you the embarrassment, brand repercussions and lost ROI of a broken email. Now that we’ve established how important testing is – which email testing tool is right for you? … Continue reading “Top Email Testing Tools to Preview Your Email”

How to Make Your Emails Bulletproof

If you’ve been in the email development field for a while, you might have heard the word “bulletproof” thrown around. Developers often use the term in conjunction with an email element, such as a bulletproof button. But what makes an email element bulletproof? And how do you code a bulletproof element? What Does ‘Bulletproof’ Mean? … Continue reading “How to Make Your Emails Bulletproof”

A Day in the Life: Gangsta Rap and Email Design

A day in the life of an email marketer or email developer – what does that entail, exactly? Earlier this summer, we ran a contest where we asked our customers and followers to share their Email on Acid story. We received a ton of great responses and we look forward to continued feedback from our … Continue reading “A Day in the Life: Gangsta Rap and Email Design”

How Inbox Pros Used Email Testing to Improve Clients’ Email Deliverability and ROI

Email marketers know that email testing can be a crucial part of brand reputation, but did you know email testing is also an important factor in email deliverability? The experts at Inbox Pros know this all too well. “We needed a system that would help us review how [clients’] emails were rendering, so we could … Continue reading “How Inbox Pros Used Email Testing to Improve Clients’ Email Deliverability and ROI”