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It’s Our Time to Give Back

These are unprecedented times, something we have not seen in our generation. COVID-19 is impacting everyone from our loved ones and businesses, to the first responders who are bravely helping to fight this pandemic.   Our thoughts are with those that have been impacted by this outbreak, especially those that are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery.  As the situation continues to affect the world around us, I wanted to provide an update on how Email … Continue reading “It’s Our Time to Give Back”

Email in 2019: Experts Share Predictions for the Next Year in Email

Another year in email has come and gone. We had some battles with GIFs and white lines in Outlook, learned more about how Siri and Alexa read email, spread the word about email accessibility, and picked up some neat techniques for adding animations and augmented reality to email campaigns. But what’s next? We’re excited to … Continue reading “Email in 2019: Experts Share Predictions for the Next Year in Email”

The Evolution of Email: Predictions for the Future

By John Thies We’ve seen a drastic change in email capabilities over the past couple of years. It’s been fascinating to watch. There’s dynamic content, improved segmentation, artificial intelligence (AI), email interactivity and ESPs and CRMs are becoming better integrated. All these developments are allowing email marketers to send more personalized, dynamic emails. But where … Continue reading “The Evolution of Email: Predictions for the Future”