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Government Email Marketing: Email Design Tips for the Public Sector

As an industry, government marketing emails rank second in open rates and third in click-through rates (CTRs) according to Mailchimp’s Email Marketing Benchmarks. With that level of subscriber engagement, it’s important to know what the email best practices for government are. John Thies recently sat down with Adobe’s Jonathan Benett, IT and public sector business … Continue reading “Government Email Marketing: Email Design Tips for the Public Sector”

Favorite Email Roundup: May 2019

This month, our blog has seen some pretty big updates around email development and strategy: coding HTML email background images, media queries CSS and optimizing inbox display are just a few that were covered. The email inspiration coming up follows suit. With our sights set on pushing the development envelope, we couldn’t help but notice … Continue reading “Favorite Email Roundup: May 2019”

A Practical Guide to Using Emojis in Email

Emojis are a big part of modern-day marketing. Find out how to use them in your email campaigns.