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Killer Digital Marketing Infographics for the Multi-Hat Marketer

People are bombarded with information every waking minute of every day. Very few have enough time to read every blog, article or white paper that piques their interest. Infographics have become a go-to method of communication because they serve up information on a visually rich platter. Knowing that email marketers wear a variety of hats … Continue reading “Killer Digital Marketing Infographics for the Multi-Hat Marketer”

7 Killer Tactics to Grow your Email List through Social Media

Even though the number of active users on social media is constantly on the rise, 77% of consumers still prefer to receive permission-based marketing through email! All too often, though, social media newbies make the marketing faux pas of failing to capture the email addresses of their fans, followers and potential prospects.

Avoid this marketing hiccup by grabbing our 7 remarkable techniques to grow your email list through social media. Enjoy!