5 New Ways to Use Interactive Email Elements

If you’ve been to any recent email conference or summit, then you’re probably aware that interactive elements are some of the hottest email design trends. Not only do they entertain recipients, but they can also increase click-to-open rates and drive more conversions. With the popularity of interactive email elements, it’s becoming more important to use … Continue reading “5 New Ways to Use Interactive Email Elements”

How to Add an Animated Snow Effect to Your Holiday Email Campaigns

Inboxes are always jammed up with holiday emails – there’s a lot of competition. So, how can you make your email marketing campaigns stand out from the rest? Try adding a bit of holiday cheer to your regular emails by creating some animated snow using CSS. Here’s what the effect looks like on a recent … Continue reading “How to Add an Animated Snow Effect to Your Holiday Email Campaigns”

How We Created Our Interactive Scrolling Halloween Email

We sent a scrolling Halloween email featuring a person on a journey to deliver an email. This article goes into the nuts and bolts of creating this email. 

Which Code Should I Include in Every Email?

Learn how to build email code properly to help ensure your email displays correctly on every device and client. 

CSS Background Images Now Supported in Outlook.com

Using background images in email is easier now that Outlook.com and Office 365 Outlook (OWA) has started to support CSS background images. 

Don’t Worry Video in Email Still Supported in iOS 11

Although the first beta of iOS 11 seemed to have dropped support for video in email, support for video is back in the latest version. 

How to Build an Interactive Quiz in Email

Learn how you can build interactive games, carousels and product filters in email using an interactive quiz technique. 

CSS Targeting for AOL Mail

If your design needs some tweaking in Aol Mail, here are two techniques you can use to target your fixes just for this email client. 

The New Yahoo! Mail and How to Target It

Yahoo! Mail just released an update. Learn what’s changed and how to target the Yahoo! Mail email client in your designs. 

Gmail Announces Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries

Gmail has long been a thorn in the side of email developers everywhere.
This client’s lack of support for embedded CSS (in the <head> of an email) has
been the main reason that all styles must be inlined before sending.

No longer! Gmail is about to make a major update to how their email client handles code. Read on to find out what changes will be made and how it might affect your emails.

Tutorial: CSS Fixed Positioning in Interactive Email

This article shows off a fun example that we created and shows how you
can create your own interactive email that takes advantage of fixed

What You Need to Know about CSS Fixed Positioning in Email

One of the key features of modern webkit based email clients is the
support for more sophisticated capabilities in email design such as CSS animations and interactivity in email.
Animations and interactivity commonly utilize CSS positioning to move
elements within the email.

This article will show you what can be
achieved with fixed positioning.

The Ultimate Email CSS Animation Guide: Part 2

CSS animations are an incredibly powerful way to add a touch of interactivity to your email campaigns.

In the second part of our CSS animation series we look at animation techniques, drawbacks and some takeaway code samples.

The Ultimate Email CSS Animation Guide: Part 1

CSS animations are an incredibly powerful way to add a touch of interactivity to your email campaigns.

In this post we run through some CSS animation examples, the support for CSS animations and the considerations before using.

This just in: Gmail DOES support embedded styles!

Though many in the email design industry have griped about how Gmail strips the <style> section from emails, this isn’t quite true.

Some styles are actually allowed through. Read more to find out which styles made the grade.