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Mozify Stirs Up Controversy

Email On Acid

Will ISPs Start Blocking Mosaics?

A recent blog article on brought up concerns that we’ve heard, namely that Mozify increases file size too much. Nate theorized that ISP’s might start blocking mosaics because of their file size. Though ISP’s have given no indication that this is on their radar, we thought we’d respond to some of Nate’s concerns.

Size Does Matter

Mozify is a versatile tool that can be used in many different ways. If used sparingly, it doesn’t need to increase the size of your email by more than 20k. We recommend that you focus your Mozify efforts on images which already contain mostly text, logos, and anything else that will appear above the fold. In some cases, it’s best to replace an image with a mosiac that contains only stylized text, probably what you already had written for alt text. The point is not to try and recreate the entire email using mosaics, but rather to try and communicate your message even when images are off. For more on this concept, please see our recent “Ann Taylor 3 Ways” blog, which breaks down how one email might be handled using the Mozify tool.

Industry Pioneers

Though others might claim that this technology is “nothing new,” they’re not quite right. The advancement that Mozify offers over other mosaic tools is that our mosaic will be replaced by the images once downloaded. This required a lot of complex coding, but the effect is priceless. Because of this technology, the mosaic images (or stylized text) will be “upgraded” instantly when the recipient clicks “download images.” iOS users, and others who have elected to always download your images, won’t even know you’re using Mozify.

Opens the Door to New Marketing Techniques

As shown by some of our earlier marketing campaigns, this tool is capable of more than just optimizing your email for image blocking. Clever use of Mozify allows marketers to catch their subscribers’ attention with one message before images are downloaded, and a different message after the download. Accompany this with a great image and you’ll find your click-throughs increasing by leaps and bounds.

Mozify Isn’t Just for Images

It’s for text, too. While Mozifying images is very cool, text benefits from it even more. Sometimes you only have 2 seconds to get your reader’s attention before that “Delete” button gets hit. A bunch of wireframe boxes and tiny alt text probably isn’t going to cut it. By stylizing your text, you guarantee immediate impact. This is especially true of logos, which are often the most immediately recognizable branding for an email. Check out how we refit Lee’s email with Mozify!

Numbers Don’t Lie

Our first Mozify campaign blew away our expectations, check out the numbers below.

  • 316% increase in traffic to our website
  • 30.1% Unique Open Rate - twice our tech industry average according to Mail Chimp.
  • 13.6% Click Rate - 5X higher than the standard!
  • 0.9% Unsubscribe Rate - 76% lower than average.

It’s How You Use It

What’s your goal? More clicks? More opens? Mozify can help you with all of these things, but only if you use it properly. Like any tool, Mozify can be used in many different ways. Using a strong teaser “image” in the Mozified version of your email can help you increase the number of recipients that click “download images.” Using Mozify to create “bulletproof” call to action buttons can help increase click-throughs. What can Mozify do for you?

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Geoff Phillips

Half writer, half email builder/fixer and half customer support, Geoff is living his dream in a role that combines his many diverse interests. Code problem or tricky client got you down? Geoff's your man.

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Your website have very interesting article.I really like your post and appreciate you to this post , keep posting more.
To say that.... a lot of people seem to think that it's not good, when actually it works fine, if you want to make things complicated or hard to manage.
This looks like an amazing tool. I had a look at the video run-throughs. Is there a way of trialling Mozify? I'd like to see how it would work with our marketing emails. Perhaps you could do a free preview (which shows the end result as an image, but doesn't allow you to download the code).

Feel free to email me, Zack at EmailonAcid dot com, and I can set you up with a free trial of Mozify, or add me on Skype at EOA_Marketing.
Zack Peacock
Hallo Zack,

This looks like an amazing tool. I had a look at the video run-throughs. Is there a way of trialling Mozify? I'd like to see how it would work with our marketing emails. Perhaps you could do a free preview (which shows the end result as an image, but doesn't allow you to download the code).

Best regards

Ulf Nilsson

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
If a customer has images turned off, we shouldn't be showing them any, blocky or otherwise
Adrian, most customers/clients/subscribers/etc. don't actively disable images. Most ISPs and even desktop clients have this as a default setting. People likely just don't change the actual setting. They simply click the "Download images" or "View images" function. However, the proof is in the pudding that people don't seem to mind. Engagement goes up substantially when images automatically render.

I've used Mozify for just a couple days for my call-to-action, and my user engagement is up without any negative metrics.

Simply put, methinks thou dost protest too much.
Proximity Marketing Crew
Mozify is neat, but it doesn't accommodate an important purpose for image-blocking: malicious intent. A client had innocently asked before, "can we show images in the client's email by default?" No, because you could be sending them an image of anything, like something gross.

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