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The Future of Email [Facebook Live Recap]


What does the future of email look like? Well, it looks a lot like interactive emails, additional GDPR-like regulations, and perhaps – gasp ­– a world without spam.

Email on Acid CEO John Thies recently hopped on Facebook Live to chat about the future of email, including some exciting developments in the industry and his predictions for the future. The live event covered a lot of ground, including:

If you missed the live event, no worries! Catch a recording of the video below. If you have any follow-up questions for John, don’t hold back! Leave a comment below or shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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Author: Melanie Graham

Born and raised in New England, Melanie has a background as a writer, editor and journalist. After roaming the U.S. as an expert vagabond, she’s landed in Denver as Email on Acid’s content manager. She’s a music nerd at heart who loves spending time at the piano.

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