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Tweaks to Version 5.0 Released


You asked and we listened!

Since we released Version 5.0 back in February, we’ve been collecting your feedback and working on a few tweaks to the UI that will make your email testing process even easier. So the next time you log in (if you haven’t already), here’s what you can expect to see:

New changes from Email on acid update

1. Left navigation bar

The left navigation bar now toggles between an open and closed state. We’ve also added icons to the menu items.

Left navigation bar

2. Top navigation bar

You have a new top navigation bar where system status updates, support and account-related items can be found.

 Top navigation bar

3. Fixed preview pane

The preview pane is a bit smaller than before and is fixed in place. The preview pane is also available now in grid view with a right click.

Fixed preview pane

4. Inbox filters

You have the ability to filter your inbox by type of test and your analytics results are integrated into the main inbox alongside the rest of your tests.

Inbox filters

5. Shortcut commands

Right clicking on test items reveals a menu with access to shortcut commands.

Shortcut commands

6. Alerts button

Alerts are now located in a button on the top navigation bar.

Alerts button

7. Easy forum access

You can access the Email on Acid forum through the left navigation bar.

 Easy forum access

Thoughts? Feedback?

What do you think of the changes? Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Alex Ilhan

Hailing all the way from England, Alex brings his email development expertise along with an endless stream of cups of tea and British cynicism. Follow him on Twitter: @omgitsonlyalex.

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