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Presenting… An Email Editor, Instant Testing and More!


You’ve been waiting and many of you have tweeted your guesses.

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Now the wait is over!

And Andrew was right on two of his three guesses.

Our custom-built, web-based Email Editor is going to change the way you do email FOR-EV-ER. The best part? It’s totally, completely and unbelievably FREE.

The Email Editor will put your development process on overdrive as you can build and test edits in real time. No more toggling between your email service provider and text editor or sending a test to your iPhone with every HTML tweak to check your progress. Now you can build, preview and troubleshoot HTML issues, all in one place.




Email on acid email editor

But that’s not all.

Our Email Editor comes with a host of additional tools that will make your email development process much easier. A few of the highlights:

Improved Workflow – Cut your development time in half by seeing your changes in real-time via the preview pane. Struggling with a particularly difficult client? Test and retest that client alone in the preview pane.

Instant Email Testing – Start an email test in the most popular clients and devices without ever leaving the Editor. Once you’ve ironed out individual client quirks, you can run a test on all of your preferred clients to make sure your changes didn’t cause any issues.

Revision History – Organize your email development and testing process. Track, find and fix HTML issues without fear of losing work or making a change that causes three other unrelated issues. Go back to a previous version and start from there with ease.

Image Hosting and Library – Host, save and reuse images across all of your email templates with Email on Acid. We’ve eliminated the need to upload your images to your own server and place all of those URLs into raw HTML.

Snippets – Spend less time typing repetitive code and more time building beautiful email. Create, save and use your own snippets or use some of our premade snippets to accelerate your coding process.

CSS Inliner – Convert all your embedded styles into inline with a single click for perfect rendering across email clients (like Gmail).

Character Converter – Forget memorizing code for special characters. Make them HTML entities in an instant. Just copy, paste, hit the convert button and you’re set.

Mobile-Friendly Templates –Dig into our reservoir of thoroughly tested responsive and fluid hybrid templates. Load one of these to start an Email Editor project or start with a template of your own.

Start saving yourself time today.

Sign up for our community and get access to the Editor, completely FREE!

And we’re sorry, Andrew. Emailing donuts has to wait for now. But we’re going to see what we can do… Stay tuned!

Author: Alex Ilhan

Hailing all the way from England, Alex brings his email development expertise along with an endless stream of cups of tea and British cynicism. Follow him on Twitter: @omgitsonlyalex.

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