Outlook 07 Preview and Code Analysis Update


Outlook Preview, Outlook Email TestingWe are excited to announce that we have recently made some drastic improvements to our Outlook 07 email simulation. We are hoping that this will give developers a better understanding of how to design and construct HTML emails that comply with Outlook’s often frustrating MS Word engine.

Unlike all the other email clients, Outlook 07 doesn’t just ignore certain elements, properties, and values. Instead, it completely translates your html and CSS into its own, choppy version of your original code. In many cases it translates divs to paragraphs, ULs to a series of spans, and it spits out a whole lot of unnecessary CSS of its own.

For that reason, our code analysis works a little differently for Outlook 07. Instead of displaying your original code, we provide the “translated” version. We then highlight lines of code that are not supported such as floats, forms, and background images.

We invite you to give it a test run, and by all means if you come across a discrepancy please feel free to report it to us. Although we feel as if we have run a million tests by now, Outlook 07 has forced us to completely re-design our database structure and it would really help us to know when and where problems are occurring so that we can continue to make improvements.

Email on Acid Release 1.0 is Coming Soon!

Not only have we improved our Outlook 07 simulation, we have also generated a series of diagnostic tests that we can run through each of our supported email clients to ensure that our test results are on point. As you know, there are thousands of HTML element, property, and value combinations to account for and we sincerely appreciate your patience as we continue to lock down our beta version.

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  1. Thanks DIY, it’s great to hear that our development tools and supporting documentation is helpful to people internationally! Happy testing in India 🙂

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