9 New Mobile Device Screen Captures and More!


In this Update:

  • Introducing 9 mobile device screen capture combinations!
  • Now you can test your deliverability (only) without having to process email previews.
  • Make sure your email does not get cut off in the iOS – we confirmed this happens on POP accounts only!
  • Check out our FREE email optimization tool.
  • A “Pint” for your thoughts?

Screenshots for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry & Kindle Fire are finally here!

We’ve added the following devices to our long list of screenshot previews:

  • Android 2.3 (horizontal & vertical)
  • iPhone iOS 5 (horizontal & vertical)
  • iPad iOS 5 (horizontal & vertical)
  • Blackberry 9930
  • Kindle Fire (horizontal & vertical)

There’s no paging required! You can click, drag, pan and rotate, just like you would on the actual device!

“Deliverability only” testing is now available in your dashboard options.

Deliverability Only Testing After several requests from our members, we’ve added the capability to test your email against SPAM and Blocklist filters without having to include an email preview.

Don’t worry, our email preview works just like it always has, when you initiate a new test, you’ll still have the option to include SPAM & blocklist testing.

The iOS email “cutoff” affects only POP account users.

The iOS Cutoff If your readers are seeing a message to “Download remaining XX bytes” when viewing your email on an iOS device, it means they’re using POP protocol to synchronize their inbox. For more information about this glitch, check out this post for details and examples.

We’ve now configured our code validation tool to ensure that you’ve got at least 1,109 characters before your closing “</head>” tag (this is what causes the message).

If your email doesn’t meet the minimum character requirement you will be notified before running your paid test, giving you the option to correct the issue before running a preview.

Furthermore, each of our iOS devices have been set up with a POP protocol, enabling you to preview the “worst-case” rendering scenario, further ensuring successful cross-platform rendering.

Introducing our FREE email optimization tool!

HTML Optimization Why pay to have your source code optimized for email clients when you can do it for free? Simply hand over your HTML, and let our optimizer do the rest!

We’ll scan through your code and correct several known email rendering quarks automatically. From there, you’ll get a detailed report including the modifications that we made, further recommendations, and WC3 code validation errors. Click here to read more or login and give it a test drive.

Win a free year of unlimited testing (and more)?

Survey Pint Glass We love feedback so much that, for a limited time, we’re offering you the chance to be rewarded for simply providing your opinion.

Just complete our 5 minute survey and you will be automatically entered to win a free year of unlimited testing, or, 1 of 5 EOA pint glasses.

Not only do you get to help improve a product that you use, but you also get the chance to save some cash, or to look even more awesome sipping your favorite beverages in style!

*Entries accepted through 6.11.12, survey will close on 6.22.12*

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Author: allan.eoa's allan.eoa's

Author: allan.eoa's allan.eoa's