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Email on Acid’s Give Back Day


A few times a year, our entire company spends the day working with a community or non-profit group to lend a helping hand. Choosing to step away from our computers and get out of the office to serve the needs of others has always been something we are passionate about here at Email on Acid.

Email on Acid Team Building houses

The teamwork required to participate in these community-driven events helps reinforce EOA’s Core Values, values that we strive to carry in every facet of our lives. Passion – helping others and showing we care through actions; Impact – making a positive difference, whether that’s in the community around us or with our customers; and Discipline – leading by example and being self-motivated.

I am incredibly proud of the team for their selflessness in participating in our most recent Give Back Day on October 18. We spent the day working with Habitat for Humanity on two home repair projects in North Denver. Everyone at EOA went to the work sites with a smile on their faces and gave 110% to helping rebuild a couple low-income family homes.

The benefit for the families of the two homes where we worked was tremendous. After a full day removing old fences, putting up new fences, replacing gutters, and sealing and refinishing roof trim where there was previously lead paint, we saw a dramatic difference in the outer appearance of both homes.

Email on acid team at Habitat for Humanity

While we were making a significant impact in the neighborhood, the camaraderie we gained was remarkable. I heard and was a part of several engaging conversations that would not have happened during a regular day at the office. The sense of doing something important for another person left everyone feeling energized to do great things at Email on Acid.

Our next project will be in the spring. We are planning to work with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado on a trail restoration or park maintenance project.

Author: Kyle Lapaglia

Author: Kyle Lapaglia

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