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Twitter Chat Recap: Get Your Email Marketing Ready for Promotional Season


Summertime is awesome for a lot of reasons, and from Memorial Day to Labor Day, it’s the start of a whole season of promotional opportunities that are ripe for the picking. We teamed up with our friends at Kickbox to talk all things promotional season and how to get your email marketing retail-ready.

Email geeks from all over chipped in with their $0.02 and gave us their expert advice for getting ready to send out top tier promotional emails. If you missed our #EOAchat, not to worry, we’ll be having Twitter chats all summer long.

Q1: When should marketers start holiday planning?

It’s never too early! We recommend creating a strategy at the beginning of each year with the holidays you will recognize. This allows time for you to properly plan and execute! – @CampaignMonitor

Q2: What’s the most important part of holiday planning?

Considering the location of the recipients when holiday planning – not everyone celebrates the same holidays. – @EmailKarma

Step one. Have a plan. Step two. Execute on that plan. You can’t shoot from the hip when it comes to holiday marketing. – @Kickbox

Q3: Do you plan on verifying your subscriber lists before retail marketing season? Why or why not?

I’m a fan of real-time verification @ the time of email acquisition then sending on the reg to capture hard bounces/observe engagement/keep lists clean. If you haven’t been doing this all along, list verification could be a helpful step toward reforming bad habits. – @JenCapstraw

Q4: Why are clean email lists important to marketers?

A clean list also helps set and meet expectations with subscribers. When you confirm subscriptions every so often, it builds trust in your brand, and lets subscribers know that you’re going to keep in touch and spread a little email love their way. – @EmailonAcid

At the end of the day, you want and need to be sending to the people who want to hear from you. Maintaining a clean list will help you to re-engage or remove inactive subscribers. Your email list is your most valuable marketing asset. Protect it. – @AndyShore

Q5: How should marketers warm up their email lists prior to peak promotion season?

A5. #Holidaymarketing is a numbers game. That’s why most retailers increase the number of emails they send during peak season. If that’s your plan, slowly increase your #emailmarketing frequency prior to the holidays. They’ll be less likely to report you as spam. – @MelonSugar

Q6: How do you tailor your inbox display for promotional emails and how do you maximize open and click through rates?

Oy! If only that could be explained in a tweet! The most important contributor to opens is delivery—did it arrive? Secondly is from name, followed by subject line/preheader. Be relevant. Never be shady. Cheap tricks give short-term lift but don’t last. – @JenCapstraw

In order to maximize your open and click through rates, it’s important to ensure your subject lines are getting right to the point. Keep it to five or six words that prove to your subscribers that the email offers relevant and valuable content. – @CampaignMonitor

Q7: What are some ways you tailor your email content to avoid spam filters while still building excitement around your brand’s promotion?

Sales come naturally when you’re delivering consistent value. Know what that is that your subscribers want from you. Are you making them laugh? Teaching something new? Providing info? Delivering that consistently promotes your brand in all the best ways. – @AndyShore

Ensure you are following best practices. Remove unsubs, reduced sends to less engaged people. Sender reputation is the main point here. – @StevenSayo

Q8: What’s the most time-consuming part of building a promotional email campaign?

Copy and design can be the bulk of a campaigns lead time  – @ShannonCrabill

Once the copy is written and design is created, you have to build out that email to perfection. Testing templates to make sure they look good on all devices and clients can be time consuming – especially if you are doing it manually. Next, you have to make sure every link works – the worst thing would be for a CTA to go to a 404 page! Then, you have to make sure your images load quickly and correctly. Finally, checking for spelling errors takes a lot of time. (We do have a tool for that.) – @EmailonAcid

Q9: Aside from revenue, what are your most important metrics of a promotional campaign?

Opens and click are pretty standard. That said, because an email isn’t opened doesn’t mean a good impression wasn’t made. – @JackWrigley

We’ve seen plenty of discussion that ‘Open rates’ may not be accurate but are directional only. Drive by opens in the preview pain and reading emails without images turned on. Rely on things like clicks, purchases and CTO rates for something more accurate. – @EmailKarma

Heat mapping and click tracking are two biggies. Together, they give extremely detailed insights as to images that tend to drive the most engagement, colors, buttons, CTA placement, etc., which helps designers layout future emails. – @EmailonAcid

Q10: What are some deliverability tactics you’ve found successful for reaching your whole (or, nearly whole) list?

Clean your lists before sending! Removing invalid & disposable emails from your list is a no-brainer. Removing inactive subscribers that failed to respond to win-back campaigns prior to the holidays is necessary to ensure your messages get to that inbox. – @Kickbox

Check for undeliverable email addresses ahead of time. Be willing to let them go if they’re flagged as such. You’ll have fewer addresses, but your awesome demand gen program will fix that – @BrianDayman

Want to read through the full chat? Just search the #EOAchat hashtag on Twitter.

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Author: Kirsten Queen

With a background in marketing and a passion for content creation, Kirsten has written copy for ecommerce email efforts and e-newsletters. She now serves as Email on Acid’s social media coordinator and has enjoyed the deep dive into the close-knit and passionate world of the Email Geeks.

Author: Kirsten Queen

With a background in marketing and a passion for content creation, Kirsten has written copy for ecommerce email efforts and e-newsletters. She now serves as Email on Acid’s social media coordinator and has enjoyed the deep dive into the close-knit and passionate world of the Email Geeks.

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