Toys “Я” Us Doesn’t Play Around with Design

This email combines a custom cartoon illustration with photography that ultimately creates a fun reminder of who the true consumer of these goods is. Calling attention to the savings however, shows they know who they’re really communicating with.

“The World’s Greatest Toy Store!” does a good job of designing an email that, naturally, fits several products into a single message. The calming blue, exciting orange, distinguishing white, and 3-d perspective of the kids playing sets the engaging tones right off the bat. The call outs are all consistently in orange, which makes them pop. The photography allows the recipient (probably the customer) to imagine their gift in the hands of the true consumer. The details of the product are all in a light grey on white, so while its readable, it’s a secondary component to the content, and doesn’t detract from the major features. I like that.

Toys R Us Inspiriation

At the end of the message, they encourage you to go shopping via your most convenient channel by recommending you “shop online and or in the store”. The icing on the cake is their expressed incentives to do both or either, by allowing online purchases to be claimed in the store (combo ecommerce and store visit), details on a layaway program (in store service) as well as free shipping for everything (ecommerce incentive).

Barring any potential height and weight limits, I think I’m going to look into the McQueen super 6 volt. I need something for quick neighborhood trips that gets good mileage.

All joking aside, thanks for the fun inspiration Toys “Я” Us.


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