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[Roundup] 16 Best Blogs for Email Marketers

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We all know there are enough blogs out there to drive any marketer crazy trying to sift through them all. So, we thought we would help by searching for the most informative, knowledgeable and applicable email marketing blogs on the web. The result is this list of 16 home run hitters perfect for all of your email needs.


Campaign Monitor is an email service provider that has been blogging about email for ages. Their blog focuses more on the email marketing side of things, but they also publish regularly on development techniques and tips about how to create better looking emails.


The people at Convince & Convert have one goal in mind: helping to improve your social media and content marketing. The Convince & Convert blog delivers some of the best insight and information regarding social media and content marketing, like their awesome content repurposing guide.


Copyblogger is one of the best digital marketing blogs on the internet. Brian Clark started the blog in 2006, which is now a staple in the content marketing industry, filled with free content intended to educate and help develop your digital marketing skills.


DuctTapeMarketing is the place to go for small business digital marketing strategies and courses. Their blog covers all the bases in digital marketing, from marketing strategies to web design and everything in between.


Econsultancy has a global team of analysts, trainers, and advisors to give all levels of marketers the tools they need to make better decisions. Their blog has some impressive articles on email marketing, social media and branding.


EDMdesigner is an API email editor tool that can be integrated into any system. They have a blog filled with incredible insight into trends, the future of email marketing and email marketing best practices.


Jodie van Rijn started Emailmonday as an independent email marketing consultant. He helps companies improve their email marketing results and provides email marketing trainings, as well. His blog gives practical email marketing tips, strategies and tactics.


Epsilon has everything a marketer could need. With marketing data, insights and strategy, and outstanding marketing technology, they turn data-driven marketing into lasting relationships. Their blog on the importance of analytics in email marketing is a must read.


HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing and sales platform. Their blog is separated into three main categories (marketing, sales and agency) which cover everything from blogging to SEO to email. Every day they roll out fresh, intriguing posts that cover everything you need to know.


Providing one of the most powerful analytics platforms in marketing, Kissmetrics delivers incredible data to help marketers convert visitors into customers. They blog often, bringing you the very best on SEO, analytics and email marketing.


Through extensive courses and in-person workshops, MarketingProfs provide the tools and training to improve your marketing game. The MarketingProfs blog consistently produces some of the best content on the web, covering topics from advertising to writing to public relations.


Marketo specializes in B2B marketing, lead management and, of course, email and campaign management. The Marketo blog delivers everything you need to know regarding content marketing, social media, email marketing and marketing automation.


Another advanced analytics platform, Mixpanel delivers incredible data by measuring actions, instead of page views. Their blog is designed to bring out the best content for mobile, email and SEO.


Return Path helps businesses improve their email deliverability and provides security against email fraud and phishing attacks. Their blog focuses on email optimization, fraud protection and consumer insight.


The folks at SendGrid are experts on email deliverability and their blog proves it. Some our favorite readings on their blog include the CASL checklist and their super helpful list of exceptions to CASL.


An IBM company, Silverpop is a cloud-based marketing automation and email marketing software that is used by more than 5,000 brands worldwide. They fill their blog with terrific posts on conversions, content and communications.

Did we miss anything?

Where do you turn to for the best email marketing advice? If you know of any other stellar blogs that we left out, let us know in the comments below!

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Braden Burks

When he isn't reading about all things Denver Broncos, Braden browses countless digital marketing articles, conducts industry research and helps to monitor our social media channels.

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We've got some great interviews with the people responsible for designing and sending email:
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We've made sure to add Campaign Monitor to our list!
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Thank you for the article, I have gone through all the mentioned in the list. Also keeping the language simple is appreciable.
I'd love to recommend my own blog post which is targeting people who have absolutely no clue what email marketing even is about and how they can implement it into their own business smile

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