Insights in Email Recap

Insights in Email Event Recap


Last week saw us hosting our first ever Email on Acid email geeks meetup. We chose London as our first meetup location, hosting it at the Rainmaking Loft overlooking the stunning St Katherine’s Dock. We had a fantastic evening full of great people accompanied by excellent speakers.

Before I get into the evening I wanted to talk a little bit about what we set out to achieve with this meetup and our goals going forward: Community. Community is the word I think of when I think of the email industry. At Email on Acid we love the email community. That’s why we wanted to give back by hosting a free event, no sales pitches or corporate bias, where email geeks can grab a beer, chat to email geeks and hear a few great, informative talks.

The evening itself was a great success. We kicked off the event with some pre-talk drinks and chat. The email geeks piled in and grabbed bags of Email on Acid swag and beers before finding their seats. Because the email community is almost fanatical in its love of email, the atmosphere was energized with a lot of old friends meeting up under the umbrella of email marketing.

We kicked off the night with Mark Robbins taking to the stage to discuss accessibility.

Mark Robbins speaking

Mark is well known for being a CSS wizard within the email community, but he blew our minds with some simple accessibility features that can make a huge difference for your emails. He showed us, among other things, how to make tables accessible and the roles color blindness and dyslexia play in email.

See the slides

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For our second talk we had Kristian Robinson talking about progressive CSS enhancements.

Kristian Robinson talking

Kristian showed off some of his fantastic CSS enhancements for email with some brilliant Silicon Valley themed slides. Showing us how to make our emails stand out from the rest with some clever CSS techniques and live code samples.

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After a quick ten minute break we settled back down to enjoy a change of pace with Jacques Corby-Tuech.

Jacques Corby-Tuech speaking

Jacques’s talk was titled ‘No BS email marketing’ but it was less of a presentation, more a rallying cry. He spoke to us about the passion and commitment we have in the email industry to improving it and called on people in the room to engage the community.

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Rounding off the evening we had Russell Dawson’s ‘Making the world better with email.’

Russell Dawson talking

This was Russell’s first time speaking but you wouldn’t have believed that if I told you. He implored us to use our email skills in ways out of traditional ‘work’ and reminded us we all have skills to offer our communities with his mantra; “I don’t do it for nothing, I do it for free.”

Slides coming soon!

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We closed out the evening with more drinks and networking, well into the night, until we had to leave the space.

Drinks and networking

Our Tweet Picks

The outcome of the meetup was a hugely humbling response with our Twitter being absolutely swamped with Tweets. Here are some of our favourites from during the meetup and after.










We had a great evening hosting this event and I hope those of you that attended did too. If you missed it, we’ll hopefully see you at the next one.

Lastly, I wanted to say a thank you to everyone who made the meetup possible. The Rainmaking Loft and our wonderful event manager Christil, our four fantastic speakers for agreeing to speak, and thank you to Ray, Joe and Alex for being fantastic helpers on the evening.

Author: Kyle Lapaglia

Author: Kyle Lapaglia

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