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How White-Labeled Email Testing Services Can Improve Server Reputation


When we talk about the advantages of email testing, we often focus on the benefits for email marketers and developers; sending a broken email can negatively affect a campaign’s performance, brand reputation and ROI.

But email testing plays another important role in reputation – server reputation.

“As an email service provider (ESP), your server reputation is your business,” says Keith Crook, marketing manager at Net Atlantic. “Having something like Email on Acid integrated into our tool helps our clients send their best email, which is more likely to make it to the inbox and helps our sending reputation as an ESP.”

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“As an email service provider (ESP), your server reputation is your business.” -@NetAtlantic

Net Atlantic – an ESP, web-hosting platform, and full-service email marketing company – first integrated Email on Acid in mid-2017. The white-labeled Email on Acid tools include email testing previews and spam testing, which are woven seamlessly into Net Atlantic’s existing ESP platform.

For a small fee, Net Atlantic users can add the email testing and spam testing services to their subscription, and the tests fit into the users’ existing workflow. Once Net Atlantic integrated these services, they were able to improve their email server reputation and help their users send better emails.

Want to learn more? Check out our case study with Net Atlantic and learn how email testing has helped improve their ESP.

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Author: Melanie Graham

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