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How Email QA Has Helped an Email Agency Grow its Business

Any email marketer will tell you that as an agency grows, there’s more demand to produce a flawless product. Growth usually translates to bigger clients, and bigger clients mean increased visibility and more pressure to maintain your agency’s reputation.

This is precisely what has happened with MailNinja, a U.K.-based email agency.

“We’ve grown in size and footprint, and as we’ve grown, we’ve attracted some bigger clients. With this comes a bigger expectation and demand, so we need to make sure everything is perfect,” says Doug Dennison, CEO and founder of MailNinja. “We don’t have room for error.”

With the increased pressure to produce a perfect product, MailNinja sought a robust email QA platform. It was crucial for the design and development teams to thoroughly test and preview each email they created, so that they could ensure a quality product for their clients.

MailNinja started by testing emails in-house with various computers and devices in the office. The process was time-consuming and slowed MailNinja’s email production workflow, so they began to look for a virtual testing platform.

In 2015, the MailNinja team added Email on Acid to its workflow. Since then, MailNinja has been able to boost efficiency and improve its service offering.

“Email on Acid is our go-to tool,” Dennison says. “We use it every day and couldn’t live without it.”

Read more about how MailNinja uses Email on Acid’s email QA platform, and how it’s helped MailNinja grow its business and industry reputation.

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Author: Melanie Graham

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