Best Emails of April

Favorite Email Roundup: April 2019


We’ve covered a lot of ground this month. From using interactive elements to increasing deliverability rates and optimizing preview text, there’s a lot that goes in to sending one good-looking email.

In this month’s roundup of email marketing inspiration, the following emails sparked an abundance of joy (to quote Marie Kondo).

Magic Touch (BBC)

Interactive emails are few and far between, even though they’re very doable. Here, we not only loved how all the elements complement one another and their to-the-point copy, but also how the embedded information is made digestible by allowing the reader to custom select what animal(s) they’d like to learn more about.

BBC interactive email

Pretty in Pink… and S-Curve Layouts (Ulta)

Oh, where to start! Interactive elements? Check. Clear message on what the reader can expect to see in the email? Check. AND it’s above the fold?? Double check.

The cherry on top of this beauty is the S-curve layout of products, strategically guiding the reader’s eye down the email. This is very intentional UX design if we’ve ever seen it in the wild.

Ulta email with an s-curve layout

Protect This Welcome Email (Under Armour)

There’s nothing that breathes life into our day quite like an instantaneous and thoughtfully-designed welcome email. A welcome email’s primary purpose is to confirm the subscriber has been added to the list (or in this case, the “team”), lets them know what they’re in for if they stay subscribed and includes a call-to-action (CTA).

What’s especially noteworthy is the “shop now” CTA directing the reader to shop via Instagram. Quite a clever integration of platform shopping functionality within a widely-dispersed customer communication.

Under Armour's new subscriber welcome email

A Daily Dose of Deliverability (feedfeed)

Huge surprise, an email marketing campaign featuring a mouth-wateringly gorgeous image of a savory galette with a giant ball of burrata made our best emails list. They sure know how to play to their audience.

Aside from the daily dose of culinary magic dumped in our inbox, the content (recipe) is made accessible right in the email. Additionally, notice that this is a daily distribution. This cadence is made abundantly clear to the subscriber, which reduces the likelihood of it being marked as spam. This, coupled with the brand’s consistent sending strategy, are two great tactics to increase email deliverability rates.

feedfeed's email deliverability tactic

Who Says Finances Have to be Boring? (Betterment)

Just because a brand is in a typically dry-toned industry doesn’t mean the content can’t still be engaging. The simplicity of the email itself, both in design and lack of confusing financial jargon, makes learning about auto-pilot investing enjoyable.

However, what impressed us most was the intentional inbox display. Even though one letter (perhaps more) gets cut off on desktop, it still makes perfect sense and motivates the reader to open the email, since they know what they’re getting into.

Betterment's effective inbox display

Betterment's user-friendly layout and copy

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