Acid Tested, Designer Approved


I, your developer, hereby declare and certify that I have tested this template thoroughly in 68 of the most popular email clients and mobile devices. Though email providers do change regularly, this template has rendered correctly for me during development. Furthermore, I recommend that if you make any changes to this layout, you should test your changes once again. I use Email on Acid’s testing suite.

Email on Acid is an email testing, deliverability and analytics service. Here’s how it works: I submit my source code and they forward it to the most popular email clients (such as Outlook, Gmail, iPhone, iPad, Android, and so on). From there, they take actual screenshots of how my template renders in the inbox. By reviewing real screenshots, it gives me the peace of mind that my templates are rendering correctly across the board. Click here for a current list of supported email clients and mobile devices. Click here to download the EOA “Acid Tested” icons.

Author: Email on Acid

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