Email marketing inspiration Oct 2018

Email Marketing Inspiration: October 2018


Don’t worry: This month’s email marketing roundup won’t be dedicated entirely to Halloween emails. You can’t blame us for including a few, though!

We saw some creative messages last month that took advantage of the spooky season, but we also saw some excellent emails that announced a new product or offering. If you’re getting ready to launch something new – whether it’s a service or a newsletter – take note of these examples.

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Working Hard to Stand Out in the Inbox (AWeber)

We’ve featured the email talents of AWeber in the past, so it’s no surprise that their blog digest re-launch made its way into our “favorites” folder.

Earlier this year, AWeber decided to look at their weekly digest and see if they could improve on an already successful newsletter. They sent around a survey to subscribers and learned that they needed to “stand out more” with their messages.

With the launch of FWD: Thinking, AWeber did exactly that.

From the subject line, to the content, to the design, AWeber hits the nail on the head. Each issue features an engaging hero image, clever copy, and a clean layout. Hats off to the AWeber team for seeking feedback and turning those responses into an effective email marketing tool.

AWeber FWD: Thinking Launch Email
AWeber’s FWD: Thinking launch email. Well done, guys and gals.


Be a Halloween Hero (EmailMonks)

We love a good interactive Halloween email. In fact, we sent one last year that featured a fun scrolling technique.

This year, EmailMonks put together an interactive Halloween game where the subscriber had to save the city from a monster attack. The email featured interactive elements, as well as some animated features.

One of our favorite parts of this email was how EmailMonks tailored it for our email client. Interactive emails can be tricky (which is why it’s crucial to test these emails thoroughly) and some clients are more problematic than others.

We received this email through Outlook, which meant the interactive elements didn’t work. Nevertheless, EmailMonks had a clear message letting us know that was the case, and that we needed to click through to play the game online.

EmailMonks Halloween email Outlook version
This version of EmailMonks’ Halloween email is tailored for Outlook clients. See the email in action.


Time to Take it Back to the 90s (Billie)

Female-first razor company Billie announced some 90s-inspired products last month that had us yearning for scrunchies, glittery makeup, Tamagotchis and flannel. Billie’s email announcing its DreamPop line caught our eye with bright colors and GIFs, but it also maintained a clean look that kept us focused on the product and limited-time offer.

Yes, the nostalgic side of us loved this email, but the email geek in us loved the design, as well.

Billie DreamPop email
Billie’s DreamPop announcement. So bright! So fun! So 90s!


Halloween Puns Galore (Iterable)

Halloween truly is the season of puns and our friends at Iterable made good use of a few fangtastic quips in their Halloween-themed pitch. Did they go overboard? Maybe. Do we appreciate all the clever wordplay? Absolutely. We’re suckers for Halloween emails.

Puns aside, Iterable does a nice job with this email’s design, as well. The call-to-action and values are clear; Iterable makes good use of white space and doesn’t use too much copy. The customer logos at the bottom are a nice touch, too.

Iterable Halloween email
Check out those puns.



Even Great Emails Need to Be Tested

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