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Email Marketing Inspiration: August 2018


Ah, the sunny days of summer are starting to wind down and with them, summer email marketing campaigns. Who’s ready for autumn?

Last month, we saw plenty of emails that were saying goodbye to the season and getting us excited for changing trees and snowy mountains. Others, though, were clinging on to the sunshine and taking advantage of the last few weeks of summertime.

We also spotted quite a few interactive games in our emails, which was both a fun treat and an interesting trend.

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Sunny Color Palette (Revolve Clothing)

With the subject line “Fall got canceled,” we were intrigued from the start. Inside the email, Revolve made great use of a warm, summery color palette. We loved how the yellow and gold colors flowed throughout the email, from the sunflowers in the top image, through each piece of featured clothing and the calls-to-action (CTAs).

Revolve Clothing summer email

Beauty Slot Machine (Clinique)

Although it wasn’t a true interactive element built inside the email, Clinique’s slot-machine-style beauty game was a fun way to get us to engage with the message. When opened, the slot machine in the email automatically starts to spin (unless you have Outlook, of course), and the CTA takes you to a page where you can click to spin the slot machine yourself. If the machine shows three Cs, you win a prize.

The email also made great use of white space, and we appreciated how the potential prizes were listed clearly in the email. Our one criticism is that we received this email too much – the send frequency seemed a little overzealous.

Clinique slot machine email

Click here to watch the Clinique email in action.

Birthday Celebrations (Fitbit)

One member of our email team celebrated a birthday this month and received a bright, positive and motivating email from Fitbit. Not everyone may think about staying fit on his/her birthday, but this email offered some great resources for staying healthy while still celebrating – and it made us reconsider that second helping of cake.

Fitbit does a nice job with the design on this one – it’s simple but colorful and celebratory. The confetti GIF is also a nice design touch.

Fitbit birthday email

Click here to see the Fitbit email in action.


Planning for the Slopes (Ikon Pass)

Here in Colorado, a lot of people get excited about the summer winding down — it means ski season is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about hitting the slopes.

Ikon Pass sent out this email last month highlighting two resorts in Utah, with the goal of driving interest in purchasing passes. Ikon usually has nicely designed emails, but we especially love the stats they highlight in this email. The icons and bold numbers draw the eye immediately and give some convincing information for readers to check out these mountains.

Ikon pass Utah email


A Stylish and Engaging Welcome (Away)

We loved this unique welcome email from luggage company Away. The email starts with an engaging subject line (“We’re Away. Let’s meet up.”) and leads with an intro paragraph that talks about the company. This intro struck us as different; it’s not a CTA encouraging us to check out their product or a promotion. Instead, it asks the reader to learn more about the company and works to build brand loyalty from the start.

We also liked how they highlight “the perfect suitcase” – it almost looks like an infographic embedded within the email.

Away welcome email


Even Great Emails Need to Be Tested

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      The subject lines changed from email to email. A couple of examples:
      -Give this a spin for a Love Your Skin Kit
      -Plat for pretty treats! It’s fun and easy.

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