CB2’s Modern Twist on Classic Retail Design

CB2 is a trendy, up-and-coming chain of super centers that sell awesomely unique furniture, lighting, accessories, storage ideas, barware, and serving ware. Their limited edition merchandise is showcased beautifully in this clean, space saving newsletter. Instead of using a standard retail layout, they promote their products in “6 Quick Tips for Small Spaces.” This light hearted and whimsical approach redirects their reader’s focus from spending money to something far more engaging: creative ideas and solutions for their interior space.

CB2 email

Continuing with their “out-of-the-box” retail theme, some of their photos are tilted ever so slightly and adorned with outlines that match their black, freeform font style, and hand drawn arrows. They also overlap a few of their photos, allowing them to pack more imagery into their design without getting too cluttered.

The creative for this email complements the “space saving” concept perfectly! Congrats to the designer and the copywriter for your collaboration on this project, nicely done!

Author: Alex Ilhan

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