Banana Republic’s “Style Sheet” Email is looking Spiffy


Quite well known for their stylish threads, Banana Republic has successfully brought their touch to this email reminder. Their use of urgency, strong call to action, and contrasting details make for a visually appealing, yet effective, creative piece.

BR Style Sheet

The well-dressed gentleman draws you in (left to right scan), standing in his fall toned yellow sweater, gray sportcoat , and sunglasses in a room, furnished in red, with suitcases in tow. (Where is that, and can I go there? ) In the next frame, purposely void of the contrasting details within the first, the red of the major headline matches the red furnishings, naturally keeping the left to right momentum going. This is where the call to action resides, and the sense of urgency is created. Don’t delay this is your “last chance” to get “20% off your purchase”, so “Shop Now”. Then we finish with the female, also well-dressed, on a very light background, continuing the contrast between the main CTA and the engagement imagery. (The sharp contrasts and large CTA headline and image, would probably make an excellent application for Mozify…)

Well done Banana Republic. This is a great example where the subtle details prove just how a well thought out design can be executed.

Author: Email on Acid

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