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Since Entourage 04 uses an IE5 rendering engine for the Mac, it’s bound to have a few glitches up its sleeve. Here’s one we stumbled upon today that we thought we should share.

If you have an align attribute within an image and it is set to “right” or “left” Entourage 04 will add a 3 pixel margin to the left and right of the image. This is especially important if you are trying to get your images to stack up neatly within a table.

To fix the spacing, either remove the alignment or add a CSS margin of “0”. For example:

<img src="https://www.test.jpg" align="right" style="margin:0">

Here is an example of a table with cellpadding and cellspacing set to zero. Each of the images are set to align=”right.”

 table with cellpadding and cellspacing set to zero

Here is that same table with the fix mentioned above.

Fixed issue

Note: This issue only effects images, I tested it with DIVs and TABLEs to confirm. I also tested the other values for the align attribute and confirmed that “left” and “right” are the only culprits. This issue only occurs on Entourage 04.

Author: Alex Ilhan

Hailing all the way from England, Alex brings his email development expertise along with an endless stream of cups of tea and British cynicism. Follow him on Twitter: @omgitsonlyalex.

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