The Truth about SPAM Traps: Part 2

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We have wrapped hosting our four part series on SPAM traps in an effort to help people better understand SPAM traps, their associated risks, and the practices that should be followed to avoid them altogether.

BriteVerify Email Verification partnered with Travis Wetherbee, former postmaster at Hotmail and current anti-SPAM advocate and deliverability expert, to put this exhaustive guide together so you can avoid SPAM traps for good. Enjoy!

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How do SPAM traps end up in your database? (Part 2)

SPAM traps, or “honey pots” are one of the most widely used fraud management tools by large domestic and international Internet Service Providers (ISPs). SPAM traps have a deadly impact on your reputation and therefore your ability to deliver email to the major ISPs.

We broke up this marketing guide into chapters so you can avoid SPAM traps at all costs!!


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  1. this is a very good information. I don’t even know about the existence of the spam traps. This a good introduction to me about the spam traps and it is very strange to know about what risks it can buy in to our ip address.

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