Mark-Up Tool for Collaboration

Mark-Up Tool: Collaborate Seamlessly on Email QA


Email QA and testing can take a village.

When you’re trying to deploy emails in a timely manner, you need tools that will help you find and fix mistakes on the fly while keeping your whole team in the loop. With Email on Acid’s Mark-Up tool, you can share your email test results with your whole team, who can then comment or draw directly on a generated screenshot of the email test right within the app.

Get those edits made, code adjusted, and send. that. email.

Draw and Comment Directly on Email Previews

When email marketers, devs and designers see problems in their email testing results, it’s time-consuming and monotonous to document and communicate every issue or glitch and what specific email client and browser is causing problems.

Screenshotting previews, marking them up in Photoshop, then sending on to your team members for review is a huge time suck. Email threads with endless screenshots and round after round of minute changes, sometimes conflicting with one another, can quickly spiral out of control.

Thankfully, the Mark-Up tool makes the process easy for you. Draw, circlecommentreply and share any issues you see within the actual previews, and let your team do the same.

Marked up email preview

We provide you with a canvas that overlays the previews so every colleague, manager and client can visually flag issues and collaborate with each other on what needs to be fixed before that email goes out.

When you send the share link to your team, your co-workers and clients can easily navigate to the previews that are problematic. Every marked-up email has a blue indicator comment box in the upper right-hand corner for easy review.

Blue indicator box on preview

Once you’ve got all your email previews nice and marked-up, share ‘em with the team members that can collaborate and leave their $0.02 as well. When you have everyone’s consolidated email QA feedback, you can resolve any issues right in the app.

How to use the Mark-Up tool:

  1. After completing an email test, open an individual screenshot
  2. On the image, click the blue pencil icon in the top right under ‘Create New’ or press ‘M’ as a hotkey
  3. A new window will display with your canvas options
  4. After choosing your options, circle, underline, or otherwise annotate what needs to be fixed. Heck, use smiley and frown faces if that works.
  5. Once you stop drawing, an option to include a comment will appear in the field to the right of the canvas image. Make sure to include all the deets about what needs to be edited here.
  • ‘Save Canvas’ to save your mark-up and notes
  • ‘Clear Canvas’ to delete your recent drawings
  • Use the Trash icon to delete your entire mark-up entry
  • Select the black ‘X’ at the top left to close the mark-up overlay

Now marketers, designers and developers alike can streamline their testing and email QA process and fix email renderability issues with ease by interacting and collaborating via Mark-Up.

Ready to mark-up your emails?

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Even Great Emails Need to Be Tested

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Author: Kirsten Queen

With a background in marketing and a passion for content creation, Kirsten has written copy for ecommerce email efforts and e-newsletters. She now serves as Email on Acid’s social media coordinator and has enjoyed the deep dive into the close-knit and passionate world of the Email Geeks.

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