The Science of Looking Good in the Inbox

Announcing the official launch of! This site is jam packed with tools and information for developing HTML emails including a boilerplate template, email client tips & tricks, a reference for universally supported HTML/CSS and a special character converter.

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Depending on the response, we have some big ideas for this site so don’t hesitate to share your feedback or suggestions below!

HTML Email Boilerplate

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A little while back, Sean Powell came up with a brilliant idea for developing an email boilerplate. It’s an HTML template that is stripped of any design, but contains recommendations for DOCTYPE, embedded CSS, and sample HTML coding for tables and text links. We liked the idea so much that we reached out to Sean in an attempt to collaborate and we just launched an updated version on

This boilerplate is jam packed with additional features like setting universal fonts, using background images, bulleted lists, media queries for mobile devices, embedding video and much more. It serves as a great starting point for any email job and will save you loads of time when testing.

Email Client Tips & Tricks

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We included our popular email client tips & tricks on this initial release of Emailology. This is an organized collaboration of common questions and quick fixes for issues you might face when developing HTML emails.

We’d like to send a special thanks to all of the people who have submitted questions and answers via our Acid Test and in our community forum! We sincerely hope other developers who follow in your footsteps will find this resource useful!

Universally supported HTML/CSS

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Based on our code analysis research over the past three years, we’ve published a standards guide for universally supported HTML and CSS. This is a great resource if you want to play it “safe” when developing HTML emails. We included Lotus Notes 6.5 and 7.0 in our list of supported clients but since they are less popular, you have the option of turning them on or off.

Special Character Conversion

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Based on our popular blog article regarding special characters in HTML emails, we’ve included a free tool that converts each of your special characters to HTML entities. This will ensure that your text renders as intended no matter what content-type is imposed upon your email.

As mentioned above, we have some big plans for this site so be sure to share it on Twitter, Facebook, and Google’s +1. Or if you are feeling really generous, post an article about Emailology on your blog and we will gladly hook you up with some free test credits if you need them!



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