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This is an email that was sent on October 26, 2010 for Sony Vegas Pro. In this demo, we will show you how the text wraps for easy readability within the email client that comes standard on the Android 2.2.

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Sony email

Below is a preview of how it looks on the Android, as you can see each of the text areas have been resized to fit the viewport so that the user can easily read its content without having to scroll to the left and right.

Although it varries from one device to the next, the standard dimensions for this OS is 320px X 480px.

This device does provide a horizontal view as well. If you run an Acid Test you’ll be able to preview your email both ways but for this demo, we are only displaying a vertical example. When the phone is shifted horizontally, the dimensions for displaying text change with it. So at a normal zoom the text wrapping starts at 290px (maximum width) in the vertical view and shifts to 450px in the horizontal view.

Also, the native Android email client does allow it’s users to zoom in and out. When you zoom in, the text gets larger but is still displayed within the device viewport.

Here you can see which sections of the original design where resized to fit the viewport:

Resized Sony email

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Author: Alex Ilhan

Hailing all the way from England, Alex brings his email development expertise along with an endless stream of cups of tea and British cynicism. Follow him on Twitter: @omgitsonlyalex.

1 thought on “Text Wrapping on the Android”

  1. Hi!

    Has a fix for that been found yet? I’ve been looking in the internet for a solution for ages but I haven’t come across anything yet.

    At the beginning I thought that turning my email responsive would solve the issue but then, in a “doh!” moment, Gmail reminded me how it doesn’t support media queries. 🙂

    If that helps, in right -> left direction text, this doesn’t happen.

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