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Top 5 Reasons Your Emails Land in the Spam Folder


You spend weeks…months on the perfect email campaign, hit send, and hope for the best; but the results are less than ideal. Don’t worry, even the best opt-in emails can still land in the spam folder. After all, email isn’t your core business, so don’t waste endless amounts of time and resources trying to figure it out.

We see legitimate senders of all shapes and sizes struggle with their email deliverability, so you’re not alone. And while email deliverability is a highly complex topic, there are a few items you can check to ensure your email program is built on a solid foundation. Here are our top 5 reasons your emails land in the spam folder.

1. Bad contact lists

The condition and quality of your email lists can greatly impact the success of your email marketing program. It should go without saying that you should never purchase lists, as they usually provide a minimal return on investment, and are often riddled with spam traps. Bad lists mean more bounces and spam trap hits that will damage your reputation and will cause serious issues. It is best to develop your lists organically through your website or point of sale to ensure your recipients are subscribed/opted in.

And even if you do follow list collection best practices, your lists will still decline in quality over time, meaning things like typos, duplicate addresses, vacant accounts, full inboxes, and new spam traps will increase as time goes on. Every year we estimate that about 20% of our senders’ lists go bad naturally. So, it’s important to remove invalid addresses that will end up harming your sender reputation.

The best way to clean your list is with an email verification tool. InboxReady Email Verification allows you to simply upload your list and our program will run it against our send-databases to determine the quality and risk-level associated with each address. Our email verification tool is faster and more accurate than the competition because it uses real send data rather than a broken SMTP handshake. And if you want to stop bad email addresses at the gate, simply integrate our real-time address verification tool into your forms to keep your lists in perfect condition with no additional work needed on your end. Less time worrying about your lists means more time focusing on your core business.

Do email verifications really drive ROI for your business? Customers using InboxReady Verifications have seen a 65% increase in opens and a 21% lower bounce rate!

email verifications from InboxReady

2. Rendering and design issues

You spend weeks working on the perfect email only to find it didn’t render properly on your recipients’ most-used devices. Emails like this are much more likely to be marked as spam and get lower engagement, eventually damaging your sender reputation. And with so many devices and email clients out there, it can be nearly impossible to know how your email will look on each one.

Email Preview with InboxReady allows you to upload your HTML and see exactly how it will look on more than 90 different devices and clients before you hit the send button. You won’t have to worry about last-minute rendering issues causing major issues.

InboxReady mobile email previews

3. Spammy email content

The last thing you want is for your recipients to mark your email as spam. If they opted-in/subscribed, this shouldn’t be an issue, but sometimes your recipients still might want some space. For starters, if there is no unsubscribe link, you’re not leaving them with much of a choice but to mark your message as spam. Always give your recipients a way out with an easily accessible unsubscribe link. This will help reduce spam complaints which can severely damage your sender reputation.

Of course, with modern spam filters sometimes your recipients don’t even have to mark your message as spam for it to go there. Something as simple as the word “free” in your subject line can get caught in a spam filter and send your message right to the spam folder. With InboxReady Inbox Placement you can see which folder your email is most likely to land in before you send. This makes it easy to identify spammy content, iterate, and deliver a high-impact campaign.

InboxReady sample statistics on inbox placement

4. Proper Authentication

If you haven’t set up proper authentication to ensure bad actors aren’t spoofing your emails, then you are putting your brand and reputation at risk. There are a few different ways to authenticate your email, SPF and DKIM being the most prominent. You can also configure a DMARC policy to ensure everything is running smoothly and your authentication is properly configured. Setting up the proper authentication makes it much harder for bad actors to spoof your address and it also allows mailbox providers to identify you as a trusted sender. Email authentication is a big topic, but you can learn more about it here.

If you have had issues with bad actors who have damaged your reputation in the past, you may have ended up on an email blocklist. Blocklists can stop your email program in its tracks and cost your business time and money. You can use InboxReady to get ahead of serious disruptions with blocklist monitoring on your IPs and domains. This allows you to quickly identify the issue and remediate it as quickly as possible before it causes serious harm.

InboxReady blocklist monitoring

5. Weak Sender Reputation

Mailbox providers (MBPs) have methods for tracking sender behaviors. Some signals, like using authentication are good for your reputation. Others, like leaving no way to unsubscribe, will hurt your reputation.  If you have a bad reputation with MBPs, you’re much more likely to end up in spam.

There is so much that goes into managing a successful email program. From warming up IPs, to knowing how to manage send volume and more, knowing the ins and outs of email strategy can be overwhelming.  According to the Data and Marketing Association, $1 spent on email marketing should return $42 on average. If your email program has been a low-ROI nuisance to your business, it could be worth it to get help from a professional.

Our team of Technical Account Managers have over 130 years of combined email experience and have helped businesses of all sizes get the most from their email program. our experts take the time to understand your business and help craft/implement an email strategy that’s based on your needs. And if an issue does arise, they will help get you back on track quickly.

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Get your emails to the inbox

We know email can be a real headache for businesses who don’t have the time or money to tend to their email program non-stop. We have spent decades helping companies big and small with every aspect of email across our brands. InboxReady makes email deliverability easy with tools and services that drive campaign performance and boost the ROI of your email program. Try for free today.

Author: The InboxReady Team

InboxReady by Sinch offers deliverability applications and services that provide the data, insight, and resources you need to build a winning strategy, maximize your email delivery rates, and optimize the performance of your email program.

Author: The InboxReady Team

InboxReady by Sinch offers deliverability applications and services that provide the data, insight, and resources you need to build a winning strategy, maximize your email delivery rates, and optimize the performance of your email program.

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