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Optimization making things worse….


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Posted: 24 February 2013 01:59 AM


First I’d like to say that I think Email on Acid is a terrific service and it has saved me on several occasions.

I’ve been provided a template from an ad agency and just needed to change the body content. I tested it and it looked good in everything but Outlook 2013. I ran it through the Email on Acid optimization, made recommended changes and then the problems multiplied.

Thinking I must have done something wrong, I started over. Same thing. One of the things that happens after optimization is that the it moves the meta content and title beneath the </head> tag
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta content=“text/html; charset=utf-8” http-equiv=“Content-Type” />

and then gives those both as errors.

It also suggests that Line-height might not display correctly. Solution: Try adding “mso-line-height-rule:exactly” just before your line-height declaration.

I’ve implemented that suggestion and when I run it through optimizer again I get that same suggestion. When I check I have added the above rule before each instance of line-height. Do you have any idea why it keeps showing the same error that has already been corrected?

Help, I am desperate to complete this project.

Thanks in advance,