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Hotmail - Yahoo and Gmail Android apps rendering issues.

Lateral Group

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Posted: 23 January 2013 12:01 PM

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to make an html email work in any of these apps using fluid widths with only one screen query at the top which tells the main outer table to set itself to 320px if the screen size is not big enough… seems to be working ok with all inner tables but this is not the case with images although they are set to 100% width, when the email is viewed in any of these apps the images render way too big for the content; I am also getting this same problem viewing the email through the browser via Gmail.

Obviously there is an option with the Gmail and Hotmail apps to set fit the emails to the screen which helps a lot but I understand this is not a default setting so most users will not know how to do it - as for the Yahoo app and browser Gmail there doesn’t seem to be any option to set the image sizes to fit the screen…

Is there any work around this?  I thought of setting a media query telling the images to resize to 320px if the screen is not big enough but I don’t know if these queries are being stripped out (which I think is most likely)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Lateral Group