Email Optimization

Email development is hard - too hard. Let us do some of the heavy lifting for you!

Email clients are chock-full of quirky nuances. Hand over your HTML and we'll apply many of the most commonly known fixes automatically. We also provide pointers and recommendations for things you might have missed during the development process.

The perfect pre-flight check for every email campaign! Try it today, it's free.

Automatic Modifications

We start by checking for and repairing 48 potential email client issues.
Don't worry, you're in good hands! Nothing that we do will adversely affect your layout - but even with that said, you should always preview your final email in all clients before you send.


Some fixes could affect your layout and are better left to your discretion.
In your final report, you will receive a list of potential issues that we found when scanning your source code, each of these recommendations are completely optional and require manual intervention on your part.

Code Validation

We admit, when it comes to HTML email we're sticklers for following strict coding standards.
Remember: in web based email clients, you share the stage with another interface. A random closing div can really throw things off. Here's more on that topic.

Sample Checklist Items

  • We check each of your images:

    If you submit a URL, we can convert relative image paths to absolute references. While we're at it, we check for alt and title tags - this will improve your visibility while images are blocked.

    We also look to see if you've applied one of these known fixes for potentially unwanted spacing below your images in Hotmail and Gmail.

  • We convert embedded styles to inline:

    As you probably already know, Gmail does not support embedded styles. Not to worry, we can bring each of your styles inline, lickety split.

    Using a linked style sheet? No problem, we'll import and convert that too!

  • Switch from short-hand to long-hand:

    Hotmail does not support the "margin" and "margin-top" CSS properties. It does support "margin-left," "margin-right," and "margin-bottom."

    By converting your generic "margin" declarations to long-hand, we can nab three out of four and improve your overall renderability in Hotmail!

  • Pre-flight check for the iOS:

    We check your source to ensure that you have at least 1,019 characters before your closing head tag. By applying this simple fix, we can ensure that your entire email will download by default on the iOS.

  • We check for body tag styles:

    Yahoo! ignores your body tag along with any inline styles.

    By applying this simple fix, we can ensure that your inline styles will remain intact.

  • Convert RGB to hexidecimal values:

    Based on our research, we've found that some clients do not support RGB values.

    As usual, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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