Advanced email analytic & reporting tools.

Just how long do your customers read your email? Which email clients have longest engagement? Desktop, web or mobile? Which of your email campaigns was the most successful at captivating your readers last year and why? Well, we can help you answer those questions and then some.

Our software can track opens, clicks, forwards, prints, glances, as well as subscriber engagement, geographical location, email clients, click tracking, benchmarking diagnostics, and so much more! View real-time behavioral data from your subscribers from the moment you launch your email campaign.

Track up to 1.5 million opens per month! Check out our subscription plans and pricing!

Engagement Reporting

How long are people reading your email?
Set your "glance", "skim", and "read" thresholds and we'll do the rest. From this data, you can learn how many people are actually reading your emails and you can easily compare which of your campaigns engage your customers for the longest period of time.


Where are people opening your email?
Our geolocation tool will report your top 5 countries for opens, clicks, reads, prints, and many more.

Benchmarking Diagnostics

Find out what's working and what's not!
Did your email contain an incentive offer? Was the incentive time sensitive? Did you schedule your send for a particular time of day? Each of these can have a profound impact on your analytics. Compare campaigns over time to see what's having the highest impact.

  • Forwards, Prints, Glances

    Ever wonder how many people are printing or forwarding your email? We report back on these diagnostics in our daily activity reporting as well as our geolocation tools.

  • Track Daily Activity

    With this feature, you can track exactly when your email is being opened. This is great for determining what day of the week drives the highest opens for your particular list. We track daily opens, clicks, glances, forwards, and prints.

  • Email Client Reporting

    Want to focus your energy on clients that your subscribers are actually using? We track your opens across 119 different variations of email clients including web browsers and desktop client versions.

  • Compare Campaigns Side by Side

    Are you sending a split A/B test? Did you just redesign your email? With this tool, you can compare your campaign analytics side by side to see what's working and what's not.

  • Click Tracking

    Clicks are the ultimate goal when it comes to email. We track total and unique clicks for reporting purposes. We also provide a list of links that were the most popular.

  • Heat Mapping

    Visualize your visitor activity with heat mapping. A heat map is an easy way to understand how your customers interact with your email. It will help you decide where to place incentive offers for maximum effectiveness.

Want a sneak peak? Check out our introduction video:

  • Pre-flight testing.

    Once you set up a campaign, you can send pre-flight checks to make sure we are recording data before you activate it for live tracking.

  • Download and share your reports.

    Download a CSV file for your records or share your charts and graphs with your team. We store your results indefinitely so that you can compare your results over time, from one campaign to the next!

  • Campaigns are tracked for 30 days.

    As soon as you activate your campaign, we will track live data for 30 days. This will give you a clear indication for the amount of activity for each email campaign that you send.

  • How does it work?

    When you set up a new campaign, we provide you with a code snippet that you can place near the end of your email. This will work no matter what email service provider you use. If you opt in for click tracking, we take your source, manipulate your links and insert the code snippet for you.

  • How much does it cost?

    Analytics reporting is included in our Unlimited and All Access memberships. We'll track up to 1.5 million opens per month!

    Click here to learn more about our pricing.

  • Works with any ESP.

    Our analytics will work with any ESP. All you need to do is insert our code snippet! Yes, most ESP's provide some analytics, but generally they don't include engagement, email client reporting and benchmarking tools.

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